BBR's 32nd UK SummerNational Auction - 201 Lots

by BBR Auctions
7th Jul 2024 from 11am BST
BBR Auctions
BBR Saleroom
Elsecar Heritage Centre
South Yorkshire
S74 8HJ
United Kingdom
01226 745156
Sale Description:
BBR's 32nd UK SummerNational Auction

Specialist Antique Bottles, Pot Lids, Advertising & Collectables

TWO FULL days of buying & selling from the thousands of square feet of stalls inside & out Revelry at the Saturday night social, camping, & camaraderie - culminating in the 11am LIVE Sunday auction of top line goodies.

This is the 32nd Summer National - guaranteed collectors & stallholders from overseas and all corners of the UK.

The 'grand finale' is the big auction at 11am
Sale Dates:
7th July 2024 from 11am BST - (Lots 1 to 201)

Fees apply to the hammer price:

Free Registration
21.6% inc VAT*

Flat Fee Registration
18.00% inc VAT*

*These fees include buyers premiums and internet surcharges.
Please see the auctioneers terms & conditions for more information
As much care as is practicably possible is given to descriptions. Many items are of an age/ nature precluding their being in pristine condition. We give serious consideration to concerns brought to our attention but reserve the right to disagree. Any additional information is generally mentioned before bidding but it is often not possible to contact absentee bidders at this point. BBR are always happy to answer questions before a sale but it is your responsibility to re-assure yourself before purchase. Generally we will indicate our judgement of lots quality & condition, giving due consideration to age & rarity. For guidance purposes only the following terms are used to give a feel of this judgement:
Cleaned / Restored: An object has been subjected to some restoration. Typically with glass items surface may appear tumbled or dipped, to remove unsightly patina or chips, or restored with resin. A ceramic item may have had portions replaced or re-glued. We recommend you examine an item or telephone for AB’s assessment of the extent of such. Cat. descriptions may make reference to damage or restoration but omission of such does NOT imply a lot is free from defects, nor does a reference to a defect imply absence of others.
Good: We judge it to be a good example, displays well, minus overtly unsightly damage. An item that is not pristine with signs of use & age - might include scratches, tears, surface faults. Very Good: An item displays minor wear, apparent on close inspection - may include inconsequential chips or flaws, some corrosion to metal parts, minor damage in unseen area (ie base or rear).
Excellent/ A1: An item as near to possible pristine, taking into account age. A bottle might for instance have base wear but full body sheen & strong embossing, no chips or cracks. Any time of manufacture flaws or patina of age in this instance deemed either part of the character, or not detracting.
Many items are of an age/ nature precluding their being in pristine condition. Some catalogue descriptions may refer to damage/ & or restoration. Omission of such does not imply a lot is free from defects, nor does any reference to a particular defect imply any absence of others.
No statement in this catalogue shall be deemed a warranty, representation or assumption of liability in respect of date, size, condition, quality, importance or provenance. Ultimate judge, & onus, falls with the buyer.
The highest bidder is deemed the purchaser. Advances on each lot determined by the Auctioneer.
If you intend to purchase items for another person it is necessary to obtain a SEPARATE bidding number. POSTAL BIDDING
Performed on behalf of absent buyers to buy items as cheaply as possible competing with other bids. No charge for this. Not applicable to timed auctions.
Tied bids - first to arrive secures. It is in your best interest to return forms soon as possible.
If you tel or fax bids through you MUST ALSO post off the bidding form, even though it may arrive after the sale. Not applicable to timed auctions.
Estimates are purely a guide - taking into account condition, rarity, & current market interests. Particular rarities, highly desirable, or unusual items can, & often do, exceed estimates. TELEPHONE BIDDING
ONLY tel bids STARTING at £200+ accepted due to staffing logistics. Not applicable to timed auctions.
‘NR’ indicates items NO RESERVE. Other lots may carry reserves, but not always.
Tel/ postal/ & floor bids are a legally binding contract. Purchases to be paid before taken away. Cheques to BBR Auctions. Overdue accounts charged 3% after 21 days.
BBR takes: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Delta & Switch.
You must complete your credit card information on postal bid sheet, inc. EXPIRY DATE, ISSUE No. & Switch issue date.
Postal purchasers MUST advise how they wish items sending. Full p & p costs borne by purchaser. Following a sale we pack, weigh, & invoice for total amount, inc. p & p.
Packing & weighing can take one working week to complete - please remain patient.
Generally our costs are much less than half competitors - such as Mailbox etc. We try to keep costs low: packing time & materials used. We have extensive experience with all manner of shapes, sizes, & fragility, which may require special boxes! Very bulky or heavy items we suggest carriers rather than Parcel Force. If you have a preferential carrier please advise when forwarding bids
BBR can insure goods in transit IF REQUESTED. UK PO rates: Extra insurance up to £1,000 goods value, £3.00 up to £2,500 value. NOT done unless specifically requested at time of bidding. Please familiarise yourself with P.O. terms & conditions of insurance.
Insuring goods requires declaration of FULL value. You decide disadvantages/ advantages regarding customs - & advise (on bidding sheet).
AGENTS In all cases BBR act only as agents between Vendor & Purchaser.
COMMISSION 15% buyers premium on hammer + vat.

LIVE BIDDING. Provided by If registering using the 'Free Registration' option we will apply a 3% internet surcharge to your invoice.

Bidding Increments
UP TO £50 rising in bids of £2, £5, £7, £10 etc. After £50 bids rise in £5 steps. After £100 bids rise by £10.
After £200 bids rise by £20, £50, £70. After £500 bids rise in £50 steps. After £1,000 bids rise in £100 steps & toward conclusion at the auctioneers discretion.

BBR catalogue grading 1 to 10 (10 = the best)
We greatly appreciate your feedback assisting us to fine tune this e:
10/10. Mint This vintage item as near perfect
given its substantial age as you will find. We are
confident it displays only mildest wear we feel is
in keeping (eg: base abrasion on a sealed bottle
that reassures) or is part of the items attraction
(inconsistent salt glazing or drips). No restoration
we can detect.
9/10. Near mint An object with no significant loses
to surface (chips or larger areas of loss) very minor
abrasions such as minor light scratches, ‘flea
bites’ or wear to insignificant areas contributing to
8/10. Antique aesthetic A sound and complete
object with condition issues in our view adding
to its appeal. This might be highly patinated wine
bottles displaying stable iridescence, stoneware
with firing faults adding character, or metal and
ephemera that display aging in a way which
enhances their appeal.
7/10. Antique condition Rarely surviving in
perfect condition, this item is sound, but damaged
in a way associated with its original period use.
Typically this might include a bottle with minor rim
loss, stress cracks or a lip flakes associated with
de-corking; a ceramic or glass piece with minor
nicks compatible with age related wear during its
use or in manufacture burst surface glass bubbles
or kiln chips.
6/10. Restoration detected This might include
re-built parts of the body, for instance a new neck
on an otherwise rare bottle, a remade handle or a
pot lid rebuilt including parts of the design. It might
be a hard to detect area of restoration, say, an
insubstantial lip or base chip repair not affecting
design elements.
5/10. Room for improvement Item has faults
which are currently stable, hard to detect, or
restorable. For instance a difficult to find small
potstone, fracture or star crack. Ceramic may
have a noticeable but improvable hairline crack or
staining; glass may have been tumble polished*
or is a candidate for that treatment to be made.
It might also include unstable, flaking or less
attractive patina* on a wine bottle.
4/10. Displays presentably An item with condition
issues but in our view, displays acceptably
- usually means easily detected losses/ faults/
damage (chips or cracks), light surface degrading
(erosion/ sickness*) to part of the body not visible
on the premium display position: for instance to
the rear, edge or hidden parts. Restoration* to
design elements that does not detract.
3/10. Premium display position degraded This
piece is largely whole but has condition problems
affecting the integrity of that view. It might include
not easily remedied surface damage, including
fish-eye dings or deep fork scratches on glass;
flaking or frail surface or body to ceramic; badly
rusted surface or designs on metal. With paper,
board or Ruberoid figures, an item that is so frail it
is difficult to handle without damage.
2/10. Significant condition issues which in our
view detract from its display, usually meaning
easily detected losses or damage, such as major
chips or large cracks or surface degrading to part
of body that is not desirable. It may have serious
erosion, losses or deep scratches or dents. It
might mean a part is missing that is not easy to
replace (a lid perhaps) or to restore.
1/10. Major condition issues Broken, incomplete,
holed. Suffered losses and generally in
need of major restoration attention, such an item
is offered in our catalogued sales usually only because
it represents a particularly rare or unusual
example that might be restored or act as a study
*Restoration and condition
Term sickness indicates disfiguring white cloudy
erosion of glass/ matt texture. Not a stain, this is an
early stage in leaching internal glass structure due to
burial. Over a very long time period, can eventually
produce an attractive patina. Restoration may include
sick bottles treated for instance by tumbling, polishing
or acid dipping. Results can improve appearance
but are less desirable than an item thus treated as
it may softening some detail. Rust & grease stains
to ceramic can be treated but not without risk.
Rebuilding of glass & pottery with epoxy resin or
ceramic-like material is now extremely sophisticated;
generally less acceptable to if impinging on crucial
object features or large areas. We try to detect &
describe condition but buyers must ultimately
satisfy themselves by viewing in person &
deciding the potential for, or stability of, repair & the
quality of any detected.
EVERY LOT on sale day sold AS SEEN,
onus remains upon buyer to personally
inspect. If you find conditions/ faults/ repairs
we’ve missed please advise. We mention
any prior to selling a lot. Last thing we want
is something NOT meeting your personal
standards/ expectations.
Post & Packing from BBR Auctions
BBR offers an in-house post & packing service for clients unable to attend or collect in person. We assess overseas parcels individually. Depending on the object BBR may recommend using a courier of your choice. We reserve the right not to post items if we deem unfit, or think it will break.
BBR are not professional packers or shippers but do our utmost to pack items to ensure goods arrive safely. However, BBR will not be held responsible for making any claim. We may be able to make claims with Royal Mail or Parcelforce but cannot guarantee this - see their T’s & C’s.
Some items, due to nature, size, weight, cannot be posted - in which case you may suggest a courier or arrange pick up from our saleroom. Couriers can generally insure items which we cannot.
Items sent in the UK
Depending on value/ size/ weight, items will be sent by DPD Courier next day, or Parcelforce 48hrs.
Clients can be quoted after the sale once packed, weighed and measured. BBR do not insure unless specifically requested to do so. Items can be insured, with the understanding, customers fully accept the T's & C's by the chosen delivery company.
If we feel items are too fragile/ likely to break we recommend using your chosen courier to pack and insure properly.
We thank you for your understanding with this, and of course do try to assist as much as we can. We do this to help minimise breakages, especially on more expensive pieces.
Items sent overseas
We assess items individually depending on worth, item, country being sent to. We will declare a LOW VALUE if you ask to avoid import charges.
We remind UK clients certain items CANNOT BE INSURED. If your item cannot be insured with our postage, you are welcome to arrange your own courier to collect, or use your chosen courier.
If you send a courier to collect but would like BBR to pack the item for you please contact us and we will take payment for packing only.
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