How to bid with Easy Live Auction

Tuesday 21st July 2015 - Della Bentham


How to bid with Easy Live Auction

In this article we show you how to bid with Easy Live Auction

Here at easy Live Auction, we are passionate about what we do. We love auctions and we think we have one of the most competitive offerings on the market. By allowing people to bid on as many lots as they wish per auction, for a one off set fee of just £3, we simplify things. Users know from the offset what they will be charged for the internet bidding, rather than trying to work out percentages mid-bidding. It makes it nice and easy to work out your maximum bid on the items you're after.

Auctions can be intense and adrenaline packed; in this series of articles we will explain all the handy little features on our website to help you get up & bidding in no time at all.

The first point to note is that registration with Easy Live Auction is FREE. It costs nothing to set up an account and take a look around, so what have you got to lose? The aim of our website is to bring live auctions from around the UK and Ireland to the comfort of your home, allowing you to bid live as the action happens. However, we also offer the option to place commission bids and have a number of auction catalogues on our website for you to browse at your own convenience. In our first ‘How To’ article, we take a look at how to bid with Easy Live Auction.

When you log on to the homepage, you will see some listings down the centre of the page. You can filter these results just above to display by Live auctions, Timed auctions or catalogues if you wish.

Live Auctions

These are auctions that you can bid live on. Down the centre of the page, you will be able to view all upcoming live auctions and view the catalogues. If you click on one of the auctions, you will be able to view the catalogue. Items are listed with a brief description, image and an estimate where available. If you click on any of the lots, it will take you to a page dedicated to the lot. There will often be more photos of the item along with more details about the auctioneer including their shipping policy.

You will notice some blue buttons under the lots; Wish + and Place a Bid (in the detailed lot view you will also see an option to make an enquiry). Adding items to your wish list is a quick and convenient way to remember the items you were interested in, to easily find later on. If you choose to place a bid, you can enter the maximum amount you would like to bid for an item, our system will then bid on your behalf, (this is called an Autobid). If you want to find out more information about the lot, then the enquiry option will allow you to contact the auctioneer.

Whilst in the live auction, you can also set alarms. This is a fantastic way of knowing when bidding on your item starts. The majority of bidders don’t want to sit there watching lot after lot go by waiting for their lots to come up. Setting an alarm will sound an alert when your lot is up. Simply make sure your device’s sound is turned on, and you’re sorted!

Timed Auctions

Timed auctions are those which are placed on a time limit, i.e. the auction is available to bid on until the specified end day and time. In a way, this is similar to eBay where you can view lots and bid on them until the end time. Unlike eBay, bid sniping is eliminated to make the auction fairer for everyone. If someone bids at the last second, the time will extend to give all other bidders a fair shot.


This option will take you to the list of catalogues available for browsing on our website.  These auctions are not live; if you want to bid on any of the items, you can place a commission bid, (also know as an absentee bid) by clicking the blue ‘place a bid’ button which is under each description. As with live auctions, you can go into each lot to get more images and auctioneer details.

Next time, we will be taking a look at our clever auction alerts to see how they can help you find all of your favourite things.