Emeralds & Pearls for May and June

Monday 20th May 2024 - Belle Gait


Emeralds & Pearls for May and June

Discover the beauty of May's emeralds and June's pearls with our guide on selecting the perfect gemstone gifts. Explore unique auction finds!

Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle, especially when it's tailored to someone's birth month? Birthstones are more than just pretty gems; they're thoughtful gifts packed with meaning. May brings us the lush, vibrant emerald, a gem about renewal and zest for life. Then, as we roll into June, it's all about pearls, those serene beauties that seem to capture a bit of the ocean's mystery and calm.

Emeralds for May are like little pieces of spring you can wear — their rich green is said to encourage growth, peace, and balance. Think of them as a boost of good vibes for anyone celebrating a birthday in May. And then there's the classic pearl for June. Unlike other gems mined from the Earth, pearls are born from the water, giving them a natural, wholesome vibe. They're said to symbolise purity and bring a sense of calm to anyone who wears them.

So, if you're hunting for a birthday gift this May or June or want to treat someone special (or yourself!) to a meaningful piece of jewellery, emeralds and pearls are your go-to gems. They're not just gifts but personal mementoes that celebrate someone's unique traits and the month they were born. Let's keep it casual and fun as we explore how to pick out the best emeralds and pearls, ensuring your gift hits the right note of personal and charming.

May is all about the dazzling emerald, a gem that's as vibrant as it is meaningful. Known for their deep green shades, emeralds are often linked with renewal, growth, and prosperity. They are a perfect celebratory gem for spring birthdays or any special occasion in May. If you're thinking of picking up an emerald as a gift or for yourself, there's a bit more to consider than just its enchanting colour.

First, the hue of an emerald is its show-stopping feature. You're looking for that rich, vibrant green that holds a bit of the Earth's life force within it. The most prized emeralds boast a deep, vivid green without venturing too far into yellow or blue territory. 

Clarity is another crucial factor. Emeralds often contain inclusions, sometimes called "jardin," or garden, because of their plant-like appearance. While flawless stones are scarce (and expensive!), a few inclusions aren't necessarily a deal-breaker. They can add character and uniqueness to the stone, just ensure they don't compromise the gem's structural integrity or obscure its natural beauty too much.

Finally, consider the emerald's origin. Stones from Colombia are often the most sought-after due to their typically vibrant colour and excellent transparency, but those from Brazil and Zambia also offer superb quality. Each source has its unique signature in the stone's appearance, which can add an intriguing layer to your gem's story. Whether it's a necklace, ring, or a simple pair of studs, an emerald piece is more than just jewellery; it's a slice of nature's magic, polished to perfection.

June brings us the elegant and timeless pearl, a gem that's as versatile as it is classic. Unlike other gemstones that are mined from the Earth, pearls are born from the sea or in freshwater, making each one a unique gift from nature. Whether draped around the neck or set in a delicate piece of jewellery, pearls add a touch of sophistication to any look.

Pearls come in various types, each with its own distinct charm. Freshwater pearls, often cultivated in rivers and lakes, are widely appreciated for their different shapes and colours. They tend to be less round and slightly less lustrous than their saltwater counterparts. Still, they are a fantastic option for those seeking affordability without sacrificing elegance. Saltwater pearls, including the renowned Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls, are typically more spherical and have a higher lustre, making them highly sought after in luxury jewellery. Cultured pearls are created with human assistance, which involves carefully inserting a piece into the mollusc to stimulate the pearl's growth—a fascinating blend of nature and craftsmanship.

When choosing pearls, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Lustre: This is all about the pearl's glow and the depth it reflects. A high-quality pearl will have a brilliant lustre that radiates from within rather than a dull or chalky surface.
  • Surface quality: While few pearls are perfectly smooth, look for ones with minimal blemishes or irregularities on the surface. Minor marks are natural, but pearls with large pits or cracks should be avoided, as they could affect their durability.
  • Size: Larger pearls are generally more valuable, as they take longer to form. However, the best size depends on personal preference and the style of the piece.

Pearls can range in colour from classic white to black, with shades of pink, blue, and even green in between. The colour you choose should complement the wearer's style and the setting of the jewellery piece.

Whether you opt for a strand of traditional white pearls or something more modern like a single black pearl pendant, remember that pearls are relatively soft and should be worn and stored carefully to avoid scratches. With their understated elegance and natural beauty, pearls are a wonderful way to celebrate the special moments in June—or any time of year.

As we celebrate the elegance of May and June's birthstones, what better way to appreciate their beauty than by exploring some unique pieces available at upcoming auctions? Whether you're captivated by emeralds' vivid green or pearls' serene glow, let's dive into some of the standout items that could be the next treasured addition to your collection.


  • Exotic Lavender South Sea Pearl Shell Beaded Necklace: Offered by Cadmore Auctions, this necklace features unusual lavender-hued South Sea pearls, providing a unique twist on the classic pearl necklace. Perfect for those looking for something a little different. View Lot

  • Victorian 18ct Gold and Seed Pearl Cluster Ring: From Auctioneum Ltd, this ring is a fine example of Victorian elegance, with a timeless floral motif. View Lot
  • Four Pairs of 9ct Gold and Silver Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings: Also from Auctioneum Ltd, this set offers versatility and elegance, ideal for those who like to mix and match their accessories. View Lot 


  • 18ct Gold and Emerald Solitaire Ring: This striking solitaire ring from Auctioneum Ltd could be the perfect engagement ring for those looking to propose with a piece that's both traditional and unique. View Lot 

  • Emerald and Diamond Necklace and Earrings Set: Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood presents a breathtaking set that exemplifies luxury, with its exquisite emerald surrounded by dazzling diamonds, ideal for special occasions. View Lot
  • Gold Ring Set with an 11mm Tahitian Black Pearl & Emeralds: A fusion of both May and June's birthstones, this piece from Surrey Auctions is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of both emeralds and pearls. View Lot

These gems not only add a touch of glamour but also carry with them a story and tradition that enhance any collection. Whether for gifting or personal indulgence, these lots provide a perfect way to celebrate the beauty and significance of May and June's birthstones. Happy bidding!