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Welcome to Nesbits Fine Art & Antique Auctions

John Cameron, noted for his appearance in the popular BBC1 series “Cash In The Attic” as well as “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”, runs Nesbits Fine Art & Antique Auctions. John has years of experience as a professional auctioneer and as a valuer of antiques & fine art.

As the south coast’s longest established auction house we have been offering regular fine art and antique auctions for over 50 years.

For large single-owner collections, we are able to offer bespoke specialist auctions with accompanying tailored promotion.

We believe that fine art and antiques should be marketed and sold in a truly global marketplace and, more importantly, that the best possible price is realised for our clients. We work on a commission basis so it is in our interest to achieve the highest price possible. Whether specialist or general auctions all our sales have a fully illustrated online catalogue across two online platforms as well as listed through more traditional formats such as the Antiques Trade Gazette and local newspapers.

Visit us at our conveniently-located saleroom, situated in the heart of Southsea’s main shopping centre where our friendly and experienced staff will be able to assist you with all enquiries.

Nesbits Conditions of Sale * Payment and clearance within 48 hours unless prior agreement.

1. BIDS. All bids shall be treated as offers made subject to these Conditions of Sale and all persons present are admitted to the sale on the understanding that they have notice of these conditions, and any properly displayed additional conditions relating to specific sales. The buyer shall pay the hammer price together with a premium of 19%. The premium is subject to VAT at the standard rate. (22.8% inclusive of VAT)

2. RECOGNITION OF THE BUYER. The Buyer shall be the highest bidder acceptable to the Auctioneer as signified by the fall of the hammer. In case of a dispute as to the highest bidding during or immediately after the sale of the lot, the Auctioneer may at his sole discretion put up the lot again for sale. Please do not rely on live bidding solely as internet connections can be intermittent.

3. AUCTIONEER’S DISCRETION. The Auctioneer has sole discretion (a) to refuse any bids, (b) to regulate the advance of bidding as he may decide, (c) to decide whether there has been a dispute as to the bidding and under Condition 2 to re-offer the lot in question, (d) to withdraw or divide any lot or combine one lot with another or others and (e) to exclude any person from the Auction room.

4. RESERVES AND SELLER’S RIGHT TO BID. Lots put up for sale are subject to (a) any reserve price imposed by the Vendor (subject to a 10% discretion), (b) the right of the Auctioneer to bid on behalf of the Vendor, and (c) the Vendor’s right to bid personally or through any one Agent only when there is no reserve.

5. BUYER’S DUTIES. The Buyer shall at once or as soon as reasonably possible after the sale of the relevant lot (a) pay the full purchase price in a way acceptable to the Auctioneer including ALL bank transaction fees if paying via bank transfer, (b) supply if so required ID and proof of address, and (c) on proof of payment, clear the lots purchased by him no later than the end of normal working hours on Friday following the Sale. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS ONLY CASH, DEBIT CARDS OR BANK TRANSFER. NB – Storage will be charged at £5.00 plus vat per week or part thereof for small items and £25.00 plus vat per week for furniture, on items that are not collected by the Friday after the sale.

6. PROPERTIES IN LOTS AND RISK. The Buyer shall not become the owner of any lot and the Auctioneer shall have a lien thereon, until the Buyer has paid the purchase price in full, but after the fall of the hammer the risk of damage or loss shall nevertheless be the Buyer’s.

7. LIABILITY OF THE AUCTIONEER AND VENDORS. Subject to Condition 9(a), lots are sold with all faults and imperfections and neither the Vendor nor the Auctioneer is responsible for any defects whatsoever, (b) no warranty is given or authorised to be given by the Vendor or the Auctioneer with regard to any lot, other than the Vendor’s right to sell, (c) any express or implied condition or warranty relating to description or quality, is hereby excluded. NB - All lots are deemed not to be as new, and shall be regarded as Second-Hand goods, with all that this implies. We may be able to assist buyers unable to view by emailing a condition report, but these reports are based solely on our own opinion and are for guidance only and no responsibility is accepted for their accuracy. Intending buyers are strongly encouraged to view.

8. CATALOGUE DESCRIPTIONS. The Auctioneer undertakes that care has been taken to see that the catalogue descriptions are accurate and reliable, but these are necessarily matters of opinion only, and shall not be taken to be statements of fact. Subject to Condition 9, neither the Vendor nor the Auctioneer is responsible for the correctness of such descriptions, or any attribution.

9. FORGERY. Notwithstanding Conditions 7 and 8, if the Auctioneer receives notice in writing from the Buyer within 14 days of the Sale that in his opinion a lot is a forgery (as defined in Condition 11) and on giving such notification the lot in question is returned to the Auctioneer at his salerooms in the same condition as when bought, then if in the Auctioneer’s opinion, and on considering such evidence as the Buyer supplies to prove
his assertion, the Auctioneer decides that the lot is a deliberate forgery, the sale of the lot will be rescinded and the purchase price together with the Buyer’s Premium, if any, repaid to the Purchaser.

10. DEFAULT BY BUYER. If the buyer fails to pay for or remove any lot for which he has successfully bid, or in any other respect fails to comply with these conditions, the Auctioneer shall have the right (a) to resell the lot or lots by Public Auction or otherwise without notice to the Buyer, who will be responsible to the Vendor and Auctioneer for any deficit arising from resale after deducting the Auctioneers’ normal costs and expenses. The lot will be released to the Buyer only after payment in full of all reasonable storage and removal expenses incurred in addition to the purchase price.

11. DEFINITIONS. In these conditions (a) references to ‘the Auctioneer’ shall be taken to mean, as the context so admits, the firm of Nesbits Auctions Ltd or any director, partner or employee thereof at the time of the sale; (b) ‘Buyer’ shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Condition 2 and for the purpose of these conditions all Buyers shall be deemed to be principals unless to the prior knowledge of the Auctioneer they are acting as Agent on behalf of a named principal; (c) ‘Deliberate forgery’ means a lot (i) which is constituted so as
deliberately to deceive when considered in the light of its catalogue description, and (ii) whose value as such is materially less than if it had complied with the catalogue description, (d) the Interpretation Act 1978 shall apply to the general construction of terms and expressions used in these Conditions as if contained in a statute, and English law shall also apply.

12. ONLINE BIDDING. Nesbits Auctions Ltd offer an online bidding service via and for bidders who cannot attend the sale.
Please note that any lots purchased via and live auction services will be subject to an additional 4.95% and 3% or £3 commission charge + VAT respectively at the rate imposed on the hammer price

13. TRANSFERS. No lots will be transferred.


DIRECTIONS. The Salerooms are connected to the main office at Clarendon Road, and the rear entrance is from Stanley Street. There is a loading bay at the end of the alleyway leading to the Salerooms. Parking for up to 3 hours is available on Clarendon Road, free parking is available north of Marmion Road.
COLLECTION OF LOTS AND REMOVALS. Lots will be released by the Auctioneer’s staff on production of a receipted account.

Payment and clearance must be made by the Friday after the sale unless prior arrangements have been made.

Local delivery arrangements can be made through the saleroom porters.

We will post items that will fit comfortably into an A4 padded envelope via Royal Mail next day signed for, at your own risk. Minimum charge is £15.00 which includes items up to 100g and £500 insurance. We only post to the UK. We do NOT post any guns except starting pistols. We endeavour to post everything the Monday after the sale.

Our local Mailbox can be reached on 02392 823800 or