Darwen Auctioneers
The Old Co-Op Bakehouse
Borough Road
Darwen, Lancashire


We are family run business Established in 2020.

After much success and popular demand within the community, The auction house has come as a welcoming expansion to our continued business within the Darwen Area in Lancashire, becoming the only Auction House in Darwen selling household goods to top quality antiques, art and collectibles.

1. Live Auctions: A commission of 22% is applied to the hammer price of each Lot. For Timed auctions, a commission of 22% per Lot is charged. Vendors have a minimum charge of £2 per lot, while buyers are subject to a minimum charge of £2.00 per lot, in addition to a minimum postage fee of £10.

2. Items valued above £10 and with an agreed minimum value may have a Reserve fee of £10.00 per lot, refundable on sale (stopping unrealistic reserves) unless guided by the auctioneer. Items with a set reserve by the vendor that remains unsold the £10 fee will be kept by Darwen Auctioneers to cover costs.

2(a) Items Entered in to auction if unsold will be automatically entered in to a second auction, live or timed at the auctioneers discretion.

3. Vendors are required to provide their name, address, telephone number, email address and bank details.

4. Items presented or collected for sale will be included in the earliest available auction. The Auctioneer may exercise discretion in deferring inclusion until space or a suitable auction becomes available. The Auctioneer reserves the right to amalgamate and present lots at their discretion.

5. The Auctioneer acts as an agent for the vendor and retains the right to bid on Lots subject to a reserve, on their behalf. A minimum postage fee of £10 applies.

6. Item descriptions are determined solely at the discretion of the Auctioneer.

7. Bidders and buyers must complete registration before bidding, providing accurate and legible personal or business details. Failure to pre-register may lead to the lot being re-offered, with a minimum postage fee of £10.

8. Purchasers must settle payment before removing any lots. Buyers must request assistance from a Porter for item collection, providing suitable identification. Clearance must be completed within 3 business days unless agreed otherwise, to avoid late collection charges or re-offering, with a minimum postage fee of £10.

9. Vendor payments are processed exclusively through bank transfer or cash upon collection from the Auction Centre, upon full payment from buyers. Defaults will result in re-offering of goods.

10. Lots failing to sell after the second auction entry must be collected by the vendor before the following business day. Uncollected items will be deemed unsaleable and may be disposed of at the Auctioneer's discretion.

11. Non-compliant or unsaleable items will incur disposal costs borne by the owner.

12. Unsold reserved items can be collected the day after the sale. Vendors have the option to re-enter lots with a reduced reserve, subject to a re-entry fee of £2, along with a minimum postage fee of £10.

13. The auction excludes mains gas appliances and C.D. / DVD copies.

14. Electrical appliances are purchased at the buyer's risk and must be inspected by a qualified professional before use.

15. The Auctioneer bears no responsibility for losses, damages, or injuries sustained on the premises.

16. Items are sold based on the buyer's inspection; no guarantees or warranties are implied.

17. The highest bidder secures the purchase, and bids cannot be retracted. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid.

18. Disputes between bidders will be resolved at the Auctioneer's discretion, with their decision being final and binding.

19. Descriptions express opinions based on research and consideration, without guarantee of authenticity. The Auctioneer is not liable for description correctness, measurements, genuineness, or authenticity. Items are sold with all faults and errors, except for implied conditions under applicable legislation.

20. Vendors authorize the Auctioneer to deduct commission and expenses from the hammer price.

21. Bidders must promptly pay the full purchase amount or deposit as required by the Auctioneer, along with a £2 bidder's registration fee.

22. Non-compliance with sale conditions allows the Auctioneer to resell the lot without notice, with the defaulter being liable for any deficiency, charges, and expenses. Defaulters will be barred from future sales.

23. Buyers assume full risk and responsibility upon winning a bid, taking lots as is, and paying the full purchase amount before removal.

24. Cheques require an up-to-date Banker's reference or prior arrangement for clearance. Buyers seeking immediate lot removal are advised to secure an up-to-date Banker's reference.

25. The Auctioneer accepts written instructions for free execution of bids from absentees. Commission bids will be executed in order of receipt.

26. By placing a bid, the buyer acknowledges acceptance of these sale conditions and notices.

27. English Law governs every aspect of the lot sale, with specific legislations such as the Offensive Weapons Act 2019, Poisons Act 1972, Criminal Justice Act 1988, and Knives Act 1997 applying.

28. Payments can be made via credit transfer on leaving details with the auction office, along with a minimum postage fee of £10.

28a. Failure to pay within the specified timeframe (e.g., before the Wednesday following the auction) will result in debiting the invoice total from the registered card, with a minimum postage fee of £10.

29. Withdrawn items incur a storage fee of £1 per day, in addition to a minimum postage fee of £10.

30. All items are sold in their current condition, without liability.

31. All auction items must be collected within 72 hours of the auction's end date, unless alternative arrangements are made. Failure to do so may result in relisting and withholding of funds, with a minimum postage fee of £10.
We facilitate the arrangement of packing and delivery services for your items, with the associated expenses being the responsibility of the Buyer.

For the packing service, a rate of £5 per 15 minutes of packing time will be applicable. Additionally, we extend the option of availing our packaging services for a predetermined fee, allowing items to be readied for collection by your designated courier.

Additionally, please note that a minimum postage charge of £10 applies to all delivery arrangements.

In situations involving larger or weightier items, we strongly recommend coordinating the transportation through your chosen courier, as our shipping capacity is optimized primarily for small to medium-sized parcels.

Please take into account that all dispatched items are equipped with traceability through a tracking service. However, it is important to bear in mind that we are unable to provide insurance coverage for these dispatched items. Consequently, any dispatched items are undertaken at the buyer's own risk.

Items categorized as dangerous or offensive weapons necessitate either collection from a designated PO Box or a signed delivery process, with requisite identification to verify the recipient's age as 18 or above.

It is imperative to acknowledge that Darwen Auctioneers will not assume liability for any damages sustained during the shipping process.