Churchill Auctioneers
6 Lupton Road
Thame, Oxfordshire
01844 391329


Our sales are held on the first Monday & Tuesday of each month.

We have a good mix of antique and general items to include jewellery, militaria, books, furniture, tools, art, collectibles, and much more - usually ranging between 1000-1500 lots.  

The saleroom is located at 6 Lupton Road, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3SE.

Churchill Auctions Terms and Conditions

** NO TELEPHONE PAYMENTS ** please pay in person, by BACS or via the payment portal available through your invoice.

1. Definitions

Churchill Auctions Ltd is the Auctioneers and the Vendor is the person instructing the auctioneer to sell goods by auction. The Purchaser is the person who has acquired goods at auction.

2. Bidding

Potential bidders must register their full name and postal address before the beginning of any sale with Churchill Auctions (Written proof of such details may be requested.). In making any bid or commission bid a purchaser acknowledges that their attention has been drawn to these conditions of sale and that they agree to be bound by them.

The advance of bidding shall be regulated by the Auctioneers who reserve the right to refuse any bid. The highest bidder at the fall of the gavel shall be the purchaser.

If instructed, the Auctioneers will execute bids and advise prospective purchasers. This service is free. Lots will always be purchased as cheaply as is allowed by other bids and reserves.

In the event of identical bids, the earliest received will take precedence. There must always be a maximum limit indicated. No unlimited bids will be accepted.

Buyers are encouraged to attend sales to bid on lots they wish to buy. Commission bids must be received in writing or placed by telephone, and are received on the assumption that the Purchaser has fully inspected and satisfied themselves as to the condition of lots. Bids are accepted at the Purchaser's’ risk. All bids are accepted exclusive of buyer’s premium and VAT.

Commision bids are to be received by the Auctioneers by no later than 10am of the day of the sale in writing at the saleroom or by telephone. In an instance where two or more bids are the same, the Auctioneers reserve the right to use the bid received first. All efforts will be made by all staff at Churchill Auctions to accommodate commision bids and no responsibility will be accepted by the Auctioneers in a case where failure to provide a commision bid has failed in an unreasonable circumstance.

Written confirmation of telephone bids from persons unknown to the Auctioneers must be received 48 hours before the commencement of the sale. Whilst every effort will be made to execute telephone bidding, the Auctioneers cannot be held respon­sible for any default or neglect in connection with this service. All such arrangements therefore are made entirely at the prospective buyer’s risk. Telephone bids will not be accepted for lots with a starting bid under £100.

Lots will be purchased by the Auctioneer on behalf of the absentee bidder for the lowest price allowed by other bids and/or reserves if any, up to and including their maximum bid amount recorded.not inclusive of premium fees and VAT.

3. Admittance:

The Auctioneers shall have the right at their discretion, to refuse admission to our premises or attendance at our auctions by any person.

4. Buying

The Auctioneers reserve the right of absolute discretion in all disputes concerning the conduct of any sale and to re-offer, either immediately or in a future auction, any disputed lot.

In the case of lots upon which the Vendor has imposed a reserve the Auctioneers shall have the right to bid on behalf of the Vendor.

No goods may be removed without payment of the full purchase price and the purchaser’s premium includ­ing any VAT unless any prior arrangements have been made. All lots are at the Purchaser’s risk after the highest bid has been accepted by the Auctioneers.

All lots must be removed at the Purchaser’s risk and expense by 4pm on the Friday following the sale unless other arrangements have been made. Goods for which an arrangement hasn’t been made or have not been removed are subject to a weekly storage charge of £10 + VAT per week plus any associated transport costs.

The Auctioneers shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind while the lot is in their or their agents’ custody. In the event of any breach of these conditions by the Purchaser the Auctioneers reserve the right to re-sell any lot without further notice by public or private sale and any loss arising from such sale together with all charges and expenses shall be made good by the defaulter.

Purchasers shall be charged interest on any account unpaid for more than 7 days from the date of sale at the rate of 6.5% per month or part month. No lot to be removed during the sale without being previously paid for, this at the discretion of the Auctioneers.

5. Selling

Settlement is normally made to a Vendor approximately 14 days after the sale. Accounts can be settled in Cheque or Bank Transfer. Cheques are posted to the address you registered with us when you consign your goods. Bank transfers are completed via the bank account you registered with us when consigning your goods. The Auctioneers act as agents only and as such are in no way liable for any default in payment by the purchaser. The Auctioneers will pay the net proceeds of the sale to the Vendor provided that the Auctioneers have been paid by the Purchaser. The Auctioneers shall be entitled to withhold or off-set any liability of the Vendor to the Auctioneers on any account against the sale proceeds otherwise due to the Vendor.

All Vendors entering lots for sale agree that they are able to pass on a marketable title which is free from encumbrance, are for sale under the Margin Scheme and are eligible goods sold without Input Tax deduction. They also agree to pay a commission to the Auctioneers (Churchill Auctions Ltd) at a variable rate on each lot.

The Auctioneers act in every respect relating to goods and the sale thereof as agents only of the person or persons, sending to or leaving such goods with the Auctioneers with a view to the sale thereof.

All lots are sold as shown, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description and the Auctioneers shall not be liable for and do not accept responsibility for the authenticity, genuineness, date, age, peri­od or condition or quality of any lot, in bidding the purchaser accepts the lot as shown, and the auctioneers shall not be liable for errors of description express or implied as to any of these matters.

The Auctioneers may at the sale, either verbally or in writing, modify any descriptions or statement in the catalogues.

Any right to compensation for losses liabilities and expenses incurred in respect of and as a result of any breach of these Conditions and any exclusions provided by them shall be available to the seller and/or the auctioneer as appropriate.

Such rights and exclusions shall extend to and be deemed to be for the benefit of employees and agents of the seller and/or the auctioneer who may themselves enforce them.

6. Droit de Suite (Artist’s Resale Right)

This is a royalty payable to the artist or the artist’s heirs during his/her lifetime and for a period of 70 years after the artist’s death. It does not apply on art with a hammer price under 1000 euros. Pictures over that price will attract a royalty of 4% of the hammer price to be paid by the buyer in conjunction with all other fees at the time of invoice, with the percentage reducing as the art increases in value. Resale royalties are not subject to VAT. Items subject to this fee are likely but not always marked with the letters (ARR) in the description.

7. General

Where a member of the public causes damage to a lot (or part thereof) the Auctioneers reserve the right to:

i. Sell the aforementioned without reserve and to hold that specific individual liable for the amount of any difference between the hammer price and the reserve or low estimate.

ii. Hold that specific individual liable for the cost of restoration where appropriate.

iii. Hold that specific individual liable for the full amount of the reserve price or lower estimate as applicable.

8. Applying to all – Third Party Liability

Members of the public enter the grounds and premises at their own risk and are responsible with familiarising themselves with the layout of the accommodation and security measures.

The Auctioneers shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever occasioned to or sustained by any person during the period of public viewing at the auction sale, or before, during or after the sale itself, however the same may arise, unless arising from the direct negligence of an employee of the Auctioneers.

Vehicles are parked on-site at the owners’ risk.

9. Increments

The Auctioneers have sole discretion over price increments.

10. Condition and Description of Lots

The Auctioneers seek to make accurate descriptions and condition reports, however it may not always be practical to carry out exhaustive due diligence on all lots.

Buyers are responsible for acquainting themselves with the condition of lots and satisfy themselves with the accuracy that the lots are as described.

Buyers are given ample opportunity to inspect and satisfy lots prior to any sale.

*EU bidders to arrange own shipping - packing charges may apply*

We offer an in-house packaging service for many of the items (NOT ALL*) in our
sale. A postal group has been added to each item with a flat fee pricing structure
to help smooth the process of buying from afar. This can be seen on the Lot
listing on Easy Live Auctions under ‘More Information’. All prices are subject to

Minimum shipping fee is £15 +VAT - this is non-negotiable and all parcels will be sent Royal Mail Special Delivery as compensation on First Class is now only up to £20.

We will not pack items for courier collection.

Group X - No postal service available in-house. Please instruct a third party to deal with your shipment if you're unable to collect. Items will not be packed.

Group A - £15 per lot & £2.50 for each additional Group A lot within the parcel
(maximum weight 2kg & maximum value of £2500)

Group B - £20 per lot & £5 for each additional Group B lot within the parcel
(maximum weight 20kg & maximum value of £2500)

Group C - £30 per lot & £15 for each additional Group C lot within the parcel
(maximum weight 2kg & maximum value of £2500)

Group D - £50 per lot & £25 for each additional Group D lot within the parcel
(maximum weight 20kg & maximum value of £500)

Group X - No postal service and packing for courier collection not available.



You can mix groups; the initial price will always be the highest priced group
followed by the lower value lots if appropriate.
Additional insurance on a parcel can be purchased after the sale if needed. If a
parcel value or weight is exceeded then the process begins again with a 2nd

If no group is given then please contact us for a quote.

Goods will not be released until full payment has been received and a paid
invoice produced. For clients arranging courier or third-party collection, written
instructions must be received from the purchaser with the name of the courier
/ person collecting. Identification will be required from persons / courier not
known to us. Items we are not posting using our in-house service are not eligible
to be packed by us and will be handed over to a courier unpacked.

2 Day Sale of Selected Antique & Collectors Items to include - TBC

by Churchill Auctions Ltd
Day 1 (Lot 1 - 999) Furniture, Rugs, Fabrics & Lighting - Garden and Outdoor - Pictures, Mirrors & Signs - Books & Ephemera - Vinyl Records - Toys - Scientific Inst - Sporting - Tools
5th August 2024 from 9:59am BST
Thame, Oxfordshire

2 Day Sale of Selected Antique & Collectors Items to include - TBC

by Churchill Auctions Ltd
Day 2 (Lot 1001 - End) - Silver & Plate - Jewellery - Coins and Notes - Clocks, Watches & Barometers -Militaria - Miscellaneous - China, Pottery & Glass
6th August 2024 from 9:59am BST
Thame, Oxfordshire