Sale Details - Coins, Medals, Militaria and Banknotes Auction

Warwick & Warwick Ltd
Warwick & Warwick Ltd
Chalon House
Scar Bank, Millers Road
CV34 5DB
United Kingdom
01926 499031
Sale Description:
Coins, Medals, Militaria and Banknotes Auction

This sale will be held exclusively online with no public attendance on the day of the auction.

Commission and telephone bids are welcome.

Viewing is strictly by appointment only. Please call 01926 499 031 to book an appointment.

Viewing is not available on the day of the auction.
Sale Dates:
15th February 2023 from 10am GMT - (Lots 1 to 635)
Viewing Dates:
10th February 2023 - 9am to 4:30pm
13th February 2023 - 9am to 4:30pm
14th February 2023 - 9am to 4:30pm

Fees apply to the hammer price:

Free Registration
27.6% inc VAT*

Flat Fee Registration
24.00% inc VAT*

*These fees include buyers premiums and internet surcharges.
Please see the auctioneers terms & conditions for more information

Buyers’ Premium
The buyers’ premium is 20% + VAT.

Value Added Tax
All lots with the prefix T are subject to VAT at 20% on the hammer price and also on the buyers’ premium. If Warwick and Warwick export the lot to a location outside the UK, VAT will not be charged. All other lots, with the exception of Investment Gold Coins, are sold under the Auctioneers’ VAT Margin Scheme and will not be subject to VAT on the hammer price. The buyers’ premium will be invoiced at 24%, inclusive of VAT. Where Warwick and Warwick arrange for the export of the lot to a location outside the UK, the VAT on the buyers’ premium will not be charged.

Investment Gold Coins
H.M.R.C. requires us to obtain the following information from purchasers of all of the lots in this section: name; date of birth; current address; telephone number (if available). In order for us to verify this information, we are required to examine one original document from each of the following lists. We regret we are unable to accept bids from anyone not having provided the required documentation before the sale day. List 1: passport; full driving licence; National Insurance card; birth certificate; national identity card; hotel key card (non UK residents only). List 2: telephone bill; other utility bill; deeds; tenancy lease; council tax bill. Investment Gold Coins are exempt from VAT on the hammer price, but are subject to VAT on the buyers’ premium. This VAT will be listed separately on the invoice, as the Investment Gold Coins are not eligible for the Auctioneers VAT Margin Scheme.

Returned lots
In the unlikely event that a lot is returned, Warwick and Warwick will not be responsible for refunding any charges.

All viewing takes place in our offices. Please telephone 01926 499031 to book your appointment. Please visit our website for location details. On request, we are prepared to send photocopies, or scans, of more important sections of lots.

Commission Bids
We can accept commission bids by bid form, telephone, e-mail and via our website. Bidders using fax and e-mail are requested to also telephone to make sure that the bids have been received and that they are legible.

Bidding Increments
The following bidding increments will be used.
Bid - Increment
£50 - £100 £5
£100 - £500 £10
£500 - £1,000 £25
£1,000 - £2,000 £50
£2,000 - £5,000 £100
£5,000 - £10,000 £250
£10,000 - £20,000 £500
Above £20,000 £1,000

Account Settlement
Successful bidders can settle their accounts in one of the following ways, or in a combination of ways.
1. Online - Faster payments to Warwick & Warwick Ltd, Lloyds Bank, Sort code: 30-91-92, Account number 01124493. Bank charges of £7.00 will be borne by the purchaser when paying from accounts held outside the UK. A period of 24 hours will be allowed for clearance
2. Building society cheque or banker’s draft
3. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards and all debit cards for invoices under £500. 4. Personal cheques. These must be cleared before the buyer collects his/her purchases, unless he/she has made prior arrangements with Warwick and Warwick. A period of 5 working days will be allowed for cheque clearance. If the despatch of purchases is required after cheque clearance, a carriage charge will apply. Commission bidders can enclose a signed blank cheque together with their bid form. Cheques should be made payable to “Warwick and Warwick Ltd.” and endorsed “A/c payee” for security. Unused blank cheques will be returned.

Lot Despatch
Unless advised otherwise, lots will be despatched by Royal Mail or Parcelforce All lot despatch, insurance and import charges will be borne by the purchaser.
Lots may be collected from our Warwick office from the Friday after the sale. Please telephone 01926 499031 to book your appointment. Payment must be made in advance.

Subject to which all lots are offered at this auction at which members of the public are present in person bidding against each other for themselves or as agents.

Clause 1 (a) Each lot is put up subject to any reserve price imposed by the vendor. (b) Subject to sub-clause (a) of this clause the highest bidder for each lot shall be the purchaser thereof, at the fall of the hammer. (c) If any dispute arises as to the highest bidder the auctioneer shall have absolute discretion to determine the dispute and may put up again and re-sell the lot in respect of which the dispute arises.

Clause 2 (a) The bidding and advances shall be regulated by and at the absolute discretion of the auctioneer, and he shall have the right to refuse any bid or bids. NOTE Where an agent bids, even on behalf of a disclosed client, the auctioneer nevertheless has the right at his discretion to refuse any such bid. (b) The purchaser of each lot shall immediately on its sale, if required by the auctioneer, give to him the name and address of the purchaser and pay to the auctioneer, at his discretion, the whole or part of the purchase money. If the purchaser of any lot fails to comply with any such requirement the auctioneer may put up again and resell the lot. If upon such re-sale a lower price is obtained than was obtained on the first sale the purchaser in default of the first sale shall make good the difference in price and expenses of resale which shall become a debt due from him. (c) Where an agent purchases on behalf of an undisclosed client such agent shall be personally liable for payment of the purchase money to the auctioneer and for safe delivery of the lot to the said client.

Clause 3 (a) The auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of clients and vendors. (b) The auctioneer reserves the right before or during a sale to group together lots belonging to the same vendor, to split up and to withdraw any lot or lots at the auctioneer’s absolute discretion and without giving any reason in any case (without liability to any potential purchaser). (c) The auctioneer acts as agent only and therefore shall not be liable for any default of the purchaser (providing he has not handed over the goods) or vendor.

Clause 4 (a) Each lot shall be at the purchaser’s risk from the fall of the hammer and shall be paid for in full before delivery and taken away at his expense by a purchaser in the United Kingdom within 7 days from the date of sale and by a purchaser overseas within 14 days from the date of sale or such longer time as shall be agreed in writing between the auctioneer and the purchaser. (b) If any purchaser fails to pay in full for any lot within the time stated in sub-clause (a) of this clause such lot may at any time thereafter at the auctioneers discretion be put up for sale by auction again or sold privately; if upon such re-sale a lower price is obtained than was obtained on the first sale the purchaser in default on the first sale shall make good the difference in price and the expenses of re-sale which shall become a debt due from him or her. (c) Interest shall be payable by the purchaser on any overdue account, the rate to be specified by each individual auction.

Clause 5 (a) Each lot is sold as (i) GENUINE unless otherwise described in the sale catalogue or by the auctioneer and (ii) correctly described (see also Clause 5f). (b) A purchaser shall be at liberty to reject any lot if he (i) gives the auctioneer written notice of intention to question the genuineness or, as the case may be, the accuracy of the description of the lot within 7 days (or in the case of an overseas purchaser 21 days) from date of sale; AND (ii) proves that the lot is not genuine or was incorrectly described; AND (iii) returns to the auctioneer within 30 days from the date of sale, the lot in the same condition as it was at the time of sale, provided that the auctioneer may at his absolute discretion on receiving a request in writing from the purchaser extend for a reasonable period the time for the return of the lot to enable it to be submitted to an agreed expert or expert committee. NOTE: The onus of proving a lot to be not genuine, or incorrectly described, is on the purchaser. The inability of a recognised expert or an expert committee to express a definite opinion shall serve to discharge the onus on the purchaser and shall be a ground for rejecting the lot concerned. (c) Where a lot has been submitted for an expert opinion, all costs of such an opinion shall be paid by the person who retains the item or items to which that opinion relates. (d) Where the purchaser of a lot discharges the onus and acts in accordance with sub-clause (b) of this clause the auctioneer shall rescind the sale and repay the purchaser the purchase money paid by him in respect of the lot. (e) No lot shall be rejected if, subsequent to the sale it has been immersed in water, marked by an expert or expert committee, or treated by any other process unless the auctioneer’s permission to subject the lot to such immersion, marking or treatment has first been obtained in writing. (f) Any lot listed under collections and various or stated to comprise or contain a collection, or items which are undescribed shall be put up for sale not subject to rejection and shall be taken by the purchaser with all (if any) faults, lack of genuineness and errors of description and number of items in the lot, and the purchaser shall have no right to reject the lot; except that notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this sub-clause where before a sale a person intending to bid at the sale gives notice in writing to, and satisfies, the auctioneer that any such lot contains any item or items undescribed in the sale catalogue and that person specifically describes that item or those items in that notice, then that item or those items shall as between the auctioneer and that person, be taken to form part of the description of the lot for the purposes of sub-clause (a) (b) and (d) of this clause. (g) No lot illustrated or scanned in the catalogue shall be rejected on the grounds of characteristics clearly apparent from the illustration or scan. (h) Lots offered “as is” or “offered on their merits” may contain items that are not genuine and therefore may not be returned for any reason. Neither can extensions be granted on them. (i) All bidders who have inspected the lots prior to the auction will not be granted any return privileges, except for reasons of genuineness. It is presumed that all floor bidders have inspected the lots prior to bidding. (j) Late payment of an invoice may be considered by Warwick and Warwick as just cause to revoke return privileges.

Clause 6 The respective rights and obligations of the parties shall be governed and interpreted by English law, and the buyer hereby submits to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Special Conditions, All Auctions
1. A buyer’s premium of 20% + VAT will be added to the hammer price of each lot sold.
2. While every reasonable care is taken to ensure accuracy, quantities stated in descriptions are approximate and are not to be regarded as part of the description for the purposes of the above conditions. Lots cannot be rejected because of minor discrepancies in stated quantities.
3. Lots purchased on behalf of commission bidders will be forwarded by the most practical method at the risk of the purchaser. Postage, freight, packing and insurance costs shall be borne by the purchaser. Lots to be sent overseas shall be forwarded by registered or insured air mail unless alternative instructions are provided.
4. Accounts not cleared during the month in which the sale is held are liable to have interest added at the rate of 2% per month or part thereof.
5. Warwick and Warwick cannot guarantee that all requests for a live telephone bidding facility will be honoured, though we will endeavour to do so. We cannot be held responsible for any missed calls due to human error or technical failings.
6. Warwick and Warwick accept commission bids only on the basis that they are not held responsible for any errors that may occur, either in transmission of the bids or their execution.
7. The placing of a bid will be taken as full agreement to the above conditions.
Special Condition, Toy Auctions
Warwick and Warwick endeavour to describe lots as accurately and as fairly as possible. The condition description relates to the appearance of the item. No warranty can be given on the mechanical or electrical operation of any item. Warwick and Warwick have not checked the electrical safety of any item and every buyer should have electrical items checked by a qualified electrician before using them. Any description or assessment of an item or its condition must be regarded as opinion only and cannot form part of any legal contract. Where we have identified particular faults or damage to items, reference to such faults does not imply the absence of others, nor does the lack of such a reference imply that any item is free of faults. Prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of lots before placing a bid.

Special Condition, Stamp Auctions

Warwick and Warwick exercises all reasonable care to ensure that all statements as to cancellations, centring, colour, condition, date of issue, postal marking, gum, margins, paper, perforation, printing provenance, quality sheet position, status, usage, watermarks etc. in lot descriptions are reliable and accurate and that each item is genuine unless the contrary is indicated. However the statements are not intended to be, are not and are not to be taken to be, statements of fact or representations of fact in relation to the lot. They are statements of the opinion of the auctioneers and attention is particularly drawn to clause 5 of the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale set out above. Comments and opinions, concerning the characteristics mentioned above, which may be found in or on lots as notes, lists, catalogue prices, writing-up or any other means of expression, do not constitute part of the lot description and are not to be taken as such unless they are made or specifically verified by the auctioneers.

Bids from minors cannot be accepted.

The following bidding increments will be used.
Bid Increment
£50 - £100 £5
£100 - £500 £10
£500 - £1,000 £25
£1,000 - £2,000 £50
£2,000 - £5,000 £100
£5,000 - £10,000 £250
£10,000 - £20,000 £500
Above £20,000 £1,000

The letters in brackets at the end of the lot descriptions are for the convenience of the office staff and indicate where the lots are stored.


U.M. — Unmounted Mint. Unhinged ‘Post Office’ condition with full gum.
M. — Mint. As above, but with light peelable hinge.
o.g. — Unused with original gum, hinged.
unused — Without gum.
F.U. — Fine used.
c.d.s. — Circular date stamp.
M/S — Miniature sheet.
S.G. — Stanley Gibbons catalogue. All cat. values are taken from the latest vailable S.G. Iistings, unless otherwise stated.
F.D.C. — First Day cover.
s.t.c. — Stated to catalogue. Catalogue value supplied by the vendor, while believed to be accurate, cannot be guaranteed.
‘set to £1’ or ‘to £1’— Indicates a complete set.
‘values to £1’— Denotes that the set is incomplete, but with a selection to the value indicated.
wmk. — Watermark.
pl. — Plate.
var. — Variety.
phos. — Phosphor.
O. — Ordinary paper.
C. — Chalk - surfaced paper.
MC — Maltese Cross.
F.F.C. — First Flight cover.
P/S — Pre-stamp cover.
ms. — Manuscript.
env. — Envelope.
h/s — Handstamp.
*** — Fine strike.
** — Good strike.
* Moderate strike.
R.P. — Real Photographic.
p.u. — Postally Used.
u./b. — Undivided back.
We will be pleased to organise shipping for you unless an item is marked 'Buyer must collect'. Please request a quote if you would like your goods to be despatched. Lots will be despatched by Royal Mail or Parcelforce. All shipping, insurance and import charges will be borne by the customer.

Customers are welcome to collect their lots by appointment or arrange their own courier. Please note, if an item is marked 'Buyer must collect' we are unable to pack items for collection by a courier.
Please call 01926 499031 to arrange this.