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Sale Description:
Arms and Militaria

The Dr Zimmermann Collection of Eastern and African edged weapons part 2 followed by the regular Militaria and Arms & Armour catalogue
Sale Dates:
11th June 2019 from 10:30am BST - (Lots 133 to 265)
11th June 2019 from 1:30pm BST - (Lots 301 to 643)
Viewing Dates:
6th June 2019 - 9am to 5pm
7th June 2019 - 9am to 5pm
11th June 2019 - 9am to 10am

Fees apply to the hammer price:

Free Registration
27.6% inc VAT*

Flat Fee Registration
24.00% inc VAT*

*These fees include buyers premiums and internet surcharges.
Please see the auctioneers terms & conditions for more information
Conditions of Sale
1. The highest accepted bidder for each lot shall be, subject to the Vendor’s reserve (if any), the purchaser thereof. If any dispute shall arise as to any bidding the lot in dispute shall be immediately put up for sale again at the last undisputed bidding, or the dispute may be determined by the Auctioneers. The Auctioneers reserve the right of bidding for, withdrawing from, consolidating or dividing any lots, or varying the order of the sale.

2. No person shall advance less at a bid than a sum to be named from time to time by the Auctioneers and no bid shall be retracted. The Auctioneers may, without giving any reason therefore, refuse to accept the bidding of any person or persons.

3. The purchaser of each lot shall give their name and address and shall (if required) pay the Auctioneers 25 per cent of the purchase money as earnest and in part payment. If any purchaser fails to comply with any of these conditions the lot or lots in question may, if the Auctioneers think fit, be put up again and resold. If upon resale a lower price is obtained for any lots than were obtained from the first sale the difference in price shall be a debt due from the defaulter at the first sale.

4. Every care is taken to ensure accuracy concerning authorship, origin, age, condition, etc., but all such statements represent opinion and are not to be taken as statements or representations of fact. The Auctioneers reserve the right in forming their opinion to consult and rely upon any expert or authority reasonably considered by them to be reliable.

5. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, as stated in paragraph 4 above, no warranty is given with any lots and the Auctioneers are not responsible for the correct description, genuineness or sufficiency of, or any fault or defect in any lot. Any purchaser (home or overseas) who is represented by an Agent in the room and who feels dissatisfied with purchase(s) shall claim against his agent and shall have no claim whatsoever upon the Auctioneers. No sale shall be invalidated by reason of any defect or faults in any of the lots by reason of the lots being incorrectly described in the catalogue, and no compensation shall be paid in respect of any faults or errors of description.

6. Notwithstanding the preceding condition, if within seven days of the receipt of any lot the buyer gives notice in writing to the Auctioneer that the lot sold is a forgery and he returns the lot (within 48 hours, overseas 7 days) in the same condition as it was at the time of the sale to the premises of the Auctioneer and there shows that considered in the light of the terms of the catalogue the lot sold is a forgery, the Auctioneers are authorised to, and will rescind the sale and approach the vendor (if already paid) for the return of the proceeds. Please note: Third Reich German Items - it becomes increasingly difficult to ascertain the authenticity of certain pieces. We catalogue all Third Reich items as seen and offer no guarantee to their authenticity. In view of this Third Reich items purchased are sold and not returnable under the notice 6.

7. Each lot shall be at the Purchaser’s risk from the fall of the hammer, and except in the case of postal bidders shall be cleared away by the purchaser at his or her own expense. Each lot must be paid in full before delivery and in the event of any person purchasing more than one lot the whole must be paid for in full before delivery of any part thereof. No lot shall be removed without a delivery order signed by the Auctioneers or their Clerk. On no account will the assignment or transfer of any lot by the purchaser there be allowed.

8. Purchasers shall be answerable for any damage or loss occasioned by the removal of their respective lots either to the lots or the premises, the amounts of such damage to be assessed by the Auctioneers. After the conclusion of the sale the Auctioneers will not hold themselves responsible if the lots be lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, but they will be left at the sole risk of the purchasers. Purchased lots that have been paid for may be cleared during the auction.

9. Upon failure of any purchaser to comply with any of the above conditions any money deposited by him or her in part payments shall be forfeited to the owner of the lot, he paying there out all expenses. Any lot not paid for within two months of the purchase date shall be resold by public auction or private contract and the deficiency (if any) arising from such a resale together with all expenses attending the same shall be made good by the defaulter at this sale who shall have no claim to any surplus which may arise on a resale.

10. The Auctioneers’ description of conditions of antique and modern firearms is for guidance as collectors’ pieces only and does not refer to their suitability for use. It is recommended that any firearms purchased with a view to being used should first be checked by a competent gunsmith. The Auctioneers can accept no responsibility if these weapons are fired.

11. The above applies to all commission bidders, and where an agent purchases on behalf of an undisclosed client such an agent shall be personally liable for payment of the purchase price to the Auctioneers and for safe delivery of the lot to the said client.

12. Vendors who send for sale by auction any goods that are an asset of their business must inform the auctioneers if they are registered for VAT purposes and, if so, the registration number must be given.

13. Bids are accepted on the understanding that a 24% buying premium will be added to the purchase price and the Auctioneers are NOT responsible for any bids submitted which may inadvertently include this 24% buying premium. The buying premium is subject to VAT at the current rate. Live online bidding by will incur an extra 3% +VAT to this standard charge of 24% +VAT (Unless selecting the £3 Flat Fee option in which case no 3% Internet surcharge shall be applied).

15. Wallis & Wallis reserve the right, if necessary, to delay payment to the Vendors, pending receipt of moneys to complete overseas and home transactions.

16. Online bids through attract a charge of 3% in addition to the Wallis & Wallis buyer’s premium of 24%. Including VAT, (Unless selecting the £3 Flat Fee option in which case no 3% Internet surcharge shall be applied).

17. Important Notice to our U.K. Clients. 
If you intend to purchase collectible bladed weapons/obsolete weapons/de-activated weapons from our Auctions, you must be over 18 years of age and proof will be required prior to shipping. Also with such items we are unable to post to private addresses, but can post to a business address. If the purchasers address is a residential and business address, (where a person runs their business from home and is registered accordingly), then it is possible to deliver to that address. 
If you do purchase an item from our Auctions you also confirm that under Section 21 of the 1968 Firearms Act, you are of legal age and are NOT a prohibited person who has been convicted of a firearms or criminal offence. 
All purchased lots are sent to buyers via our in house shipping service unless alternative instructions are received.

Please inform us at your earliest opportunity if you intend to collect lots from our auction gallery or wish to make other arrangements.

Please note we do not insure your items in transit to yourself. If you require insurance please arrange this yourself.