Famous Chuck Berry Guitar For Sale

Monday 6th March 2023 - Belle Gait


Famous Chuck Berry Guitar For Sale

A piece of musical memorabilia is going under the hammer with Gardiner Houlgate.

A piece of rock and roll history is set to be auctioned off - a 1964 Gibson Firebird V played by legendary Chuck Berry during his iconic London Rock And Roll Show performance in 1972. Terry Gibson, the backing guitarist on-stage with him that night, had handed it to him to replace one which broke mid-performance! This moment was captured forever through film and graced the cover of an album featuring some of Berry's greatest hits.

Chuck Berry, the man with a legendary duck-walk style and rock anthems like Johnny B. Goode, Sweet Little Sixteen and Roll Over Beethoven, inspired generations of music makers after him to pursue dreams uniquely.





The Gibson guitar, formerly owned by Chuck Berry, is up for sale from the private collection of Gibson's family; this timeless electric masterpiece could reach as high as £20,000 when factoring in its unique provenance along with the original strap believed worn by Mr. Berry himself at Wembley Arena 50+ years ago!

Auctioneer Luke Hobbs, from Gardiner Houlgate near Bath, said: "I've been auctioning guitars for over 15 years, but this is only the second time I've seen a Chuck Berry instrument come up for sale".

"They're exceptionally rare. Even though Berry used our guitar for a single night, the London Rock And Roll Show was a landmark event and is fully documented on film."

We look forward to seeing the action on 9th March when this piece of rock and roll history debuts under the Gardiner Houlgate hammer! It's just one of the 482 lots consigned to the Three Day Guitar Sale so make sure you are registered to bid!