How to Furnish Your Home with Auction Bargains

Wednesday 30th August 2023 - Cara Bentham


How to Furnish Your Home with Auction Bargains

Furnishing your home with auction bargains can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to create a stylish and unique living space.

Whether you are furnishing a home from scratch, looking to redecorate or simply want a few new furniture pieces, auctions can be a great place to grab a bargain and find special and unique pieces you won’t see anywhere else.

The benefits of furnishing your home at auction

There are so many advantages to shopping at auction, especially when it comes to furnishing your home. Buying furniture at auction can save you a substantial amount of money compared to buying new. It also allows you to find unique pieces you won’t get anywhere else. And it’s great for the environment too because buying used items is much more sustainable. For all of these reasons, buying at auction is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to source household furniture and other goods.

Make a wish list

If you’re looking to furnish your home, it’s a good idea to make a wish list of all the items you want or need. This will allow you to be focused when shopping around and avoid impulse purchases. As well as the items you need, consider any other factors that may be important to you such as size, dimension and colour. Once you have made a list, you can search for the specific items online. Using an online auction platform like Easy Live Auction allows you to search and browse lots from many different auctions so you can compare what’s available and have more choice on what to bid on.

Set a budget

Before you start bidding, set a realistic budget. Ensure you do your research before bidding so you can be aware of any additional costs you may incur and factor these in. This may include auction fees, taxes and delivery costs. When buying online, you can check the auction info or contact the auctioneer directly to obtain this information prior to the auction. It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of bidding so pay attention and stick to your budget. Remember, there will always be other lots to bid on if something goes out of your price range.

Consider upcycling

If you’re willing and able to upcycle furniture, you can get tons of bargain pieces at auction. Auctions are not just for antiques and collectibles, but often contain many modern and used pieces which can be snapped up for next to nothing. Upcycling is a great hobby and allows you to create truly unique and bespoke pieces you simply can’t buy. If you don’t already have the knowledge and skills to upcycle furniture, there’s loads of information and tutorials available for free online.  

Check the condition

Prior to bidding on an item, be sure to thoroughly read the description and check any photos to assess the condition. Auction houses are typically very transparent about any damage an item may have and this should be clearly stated in the description. The condition of an item tends to affect its value so be aware of this when deciding how much to bid. If you want more information about an item, you can contact the auction houses directly to ask any questions you may have. If an item requires repairs or restoration, factor the potential cost of this into your budget.

Be patient

Don’t rush into bidding. If you’re new to the auction process, take time to observe the bidding patterns and learn everything. When looking for bargains, it pays to be patient and wait for the right time and opportunities. Sometimes, you may need to pass on a few items before finding the perfect pieces at the best possible price. With Easy Live Auction, you can set up alerts to notify you of any of the items you are looking for. This way, you won’t miss out on any items as and when they come up for auction.

Bid strategically

Start with smaller bids to test the waters and get a sense of your competition. As the bidding progresses, you can increase your bids if needed and if it’s within your budget. Set a maximum bid, factoring in any additional costs, and be sure to stick to it. With Easy Live Auction, you can save money on fees by purchasing multiple items from the same auction for a flat fee of just £3. This is a great option for auctions dealing specifically in furniture and household goods so be sure to set up alerts so you don’t miss out on these!

Be open, flexible and creative

One of the great things about furnishing your home with auction bargains is that it allows you to create a unique and personalised living space. Be open to furniture in different styles and from different eras. Mixing and matching can help you create a more eclectic and personalised look for your home.

With a little time and effort, you can create a stylish and unique living space without breaking the bank. Use the tips in this post to source the best possible furniture items at auction, for the best price.