Eastbourne's Charity Shop Surprise

Wednesday 8th November 2023 - Jeannette May


Eastbourne's Charity Shop Surprise

A Signed Banksy with a Story

In the seaside town of Eastbourne, crowned with more charity shops than any other UK town, a remarkable discovery was made. Tucked away among the myriad of second-hand items, a book bought for just £3 turned out to be a rare collectible.

The book in question? "Wall and Piece," a compelling visual record of Banksy's iconic street art, dating back to 2005. But what sets this copy apart is the signature inside – a personal dedication to "Brian."

This Brian is the late Brian Haw, born in 1949 in Barking, Essex. Haw became an emblematic figure in anti-war protest, known for his persistent peace vigil which he started in 2001 in Parliament Square. His relentless stand against conflict earned him the Peace Prize of the Year in 2003 and an indelible place in activist history. Haw's demonstration, lasting almost ten years, stood as a beacon of hope and resistance until his death in June 2011.

Banksy, whose work often serves as a stark commentary on politics and society, was evidently inspired by Haw's dedication. "CND Soldiers," one of Banksy's most significant anti-war statements, was directly influenced by Haw's Parliament Square protests.

Inside the found book, Banksy's inscription pays direct tribute:

_"Brian, Thanks for being the best inspiration in London. x Banksy! 2005"_

This unique item is not merely a collection of Banksy's art; it's a tangible connection to a profound chapter of London's protest history, a memento from one revolutionary to another.

Now, this extraordinary piece of social history is poised to enter a new collection through Eastbourne Auctions this November, with an estimate of £600-800. Don't miss the opportunity to own a slice of rebellious legacy; register to bid here.