The Golden Touch of Diwali

Thursday 9th November 2023 - Cara Bentham


The Golden Touch of Diwali

Explore the golden traditions of the Festival of Lights.

Diwali, also known as The Festival of Lights, is one of the most celebrated festivals in India and among the Indian diaspora worldwide. It takes place every autumn between October and November. This festival is a spectacular manifestation of lights, colours, and cultural richness that holds profound significance in Hindu tradition. However, beyond its religious roots, Diwali has become synonymous with opulence, prosperity, and the purchase of gold.

The Essence of Diwali

Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm over five days and signifies the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Homes are adorned with oil lamps, or diyas, creating a mesmerising spectacle of twinkling lights. Families come together to share festive meals, exchange gifts, and partake in religious rituals. The spirit of Diwali extends beyond borders, inviting people of various cultures to join in the celebration.

Gold and Diwali: A Time-Honoured Tradition

The association between gold and Diwali is deeply ingrained in Indian culture. Gold, seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, is believed to bring good fortune and success to those who possess it. During Diwali, families traditionally buy gold as both an investment and a reflection of their affluence. It is not just a beautiful metal but a tangible representation of auspiciousness and enduring value.

Diwali Dhanteras: The Golden Beginning

The festivities kick off with Dhanteras, a day dedicated to the worship of wealth and prosperity. On this promising occasion, it is customary for families to purchase gold in the form of coins, jewellery, or artefacts. The act is not just a material acquisition but an investment in blessings and good luck. In the world of antiques and collectables, these gold artefacts from Diwali celebrations hold historical and cultural significance, making them coveted pieces for enthusiasts.

The Significance of Gold in Diwali Gifts

Exchanging gifts during Diwali is a tradition that strengthens bonds and fosters goodwill. Gold, a timeless and universally valued commodity, has become popular for Diwali gifts. From intricately designed gold jewellery to antique gold coins, these gifts carry aesthetic beauty and an enduring symbol of prosperity. For collectors, acquiring these Diwali-themed gold artefacts becomes a unique and culturally rich addition to their treasure trove.

Diwali and the Antique Gold Market

As the festive season approaches, the demand for antique gold pieces surges. Collectors and enthusiasts avidly seek out Diwali-themed gold artefacts, recognising the cultural and historical significance embedded in these treasures. Auctions become vibrant platforms for showcasing and acquiring these unique pieces.

The Artistry of Diwali Gold

Beyond its monetary value, the gold purchased during Diwali often features exquisite craftsmanship. Artisans create intricate designs inspired by traditional motifs and religious symbols, infusing each piece with cultural richness. For collectors, these Diwali-themed gold artefacts become a store of value and a testament to the unparalleled artistry of Indian craftsmanship.

Investing in Gold: A Wise Endeavor

While gold holds immense cultural and sentimental value for those celebrating Diwali, it is also a prudent investment. Gold has historically proven a reliable asset, providing a hedge against economic uncertainties. For collectors in the antique and collectables market, the acquisition of gold offers diversification to their portfolios.

Tips for Buying Gold at Online Auctions

When buying gold at auctions online, consider these essential tips:

  • Research is key: Research the auction platform, seller reputation, and the specific gold item you're interested in before placing any bids.
  • Set a budget: Establish a clear budget and stick to it; auctions can be exhilarating, and setting financial boundaries is crucial to avoid overspending—factor in any additional costs like buyer's fees and shipping fees.
  • Verify authenticity: Ensure the gold's authenticity by checking for certifications, hallmarks, or any documentation the seller provides.
  • Understand auction terms: Familiarise yourself with auction terminology, including buyer's premiums and reserve prices, to avoid surprises during bidding.
  • Monitor market prices: Stay informed about current gold market trends to gauge fair prices and make informed bidding decisions.
  • Ask questions: Don't hesitate to contact the auction house or seller with any questions or concerns regarding the gold item.
  • Participate wisely: Plan your bidding approach, whether employing last-minute bids or setting maximum bid limits in advance.
  • Secure payment and shipping: Ensure that the auction platform provides secure payment options and understand the shipping process to guarantee the safe arrival of your gold purchase.

By adhering to these tips, you can confidently navigate the online auction space, making informed decisions and acquiring gold pieces in line with your preferences and budget.

Types of Gold Available at Auction

A diverse array of gold and gold items is available to buy at auction. Common types include:

  • Gold jewellery: Ornate and often crafted with intricate designs, gold jewellery at auctions ranges from antique and vintage to contemporary pieces.
  • Gold coins: Coveted by coin collectors and investors alike, gold coins come in historical, commemorative, and bullion forms.
  • Gold bullion: Ideal for investors seeking pure gold, bullion is typically sold in bars or coins, valued based on weight and purity.
  • Antique gold: Collectors find fascination in antique gold items, encompassing a wide range of artefacts such as coins, ornaments, and decorative objects.
  • Gold watches: Combining functionality with opulence, gold watches are sought-after timepieces at auction.
  • Gold artefacts: Cultural and historical significance defines gold artefacts, including religious items, sculptures, or ceremonial pieces.

The variety of gold options at auctions allows buyers to select pieces according to their preferences, whether driven by investment value, aesthetics, or historical appreciation.

Upcoming Gold Lots

Our auction catalogues are sprinkled with gold pieces of all kinds. Here is a selection in some of our upcoming auctions:

Roman Imperial Coinage: A Gold Solidus of Theodosius II AD 402-50

This gold coin is in fantastic condition for its age. It goes under the hammer on November 23rd at Lawrence Fine Art Auctioneers Ltd and has an estimate of £250-350.

Gentleman's 18ct gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date wristwatch

This stunning gold watch is a fantastic investment piece. It goes up for sale on November 22nd at Trevanion and is expected to fetch £8000-12000.

Antique Moonstone Drop Necklace

This beautiful antique necklace would make a fabulous Christmas gift for someone special. It goes up for sale on November 16th at Etrusca Auctions and is expected to fetch £800-1600.

18ct yellow gold and diamond solitaire ring

This delightful gold ring goes up for sale on November 23rd at Martel Maides Auctions. It’s estimated to fetch £250-300.

For more gold pieces, simply use our search function to find what you want. If you see something you like, it's easy to create an account and register to bid online from the comfort of your own home.


Diwali is not just a festival; it is a celebration of light, prosperity, and the enduring cultural heritage of India. The tradition of purchasing gold during Diwali transcends its materialistic aspect; it symbolises the collective aspiration for a brighter and more prosperous future. For auction enthusiasts, gold pieces offer a unique opportunity to illuminate your collections with pieces that encapsulate the spirit and splendour of this festival of lights. As Diwali approaches, let the glow of gold enrich your collection and light up your festive celebrations.