2023 Interior Design Trends: What's In and What's On Its Way Out

Saturday 6th May 2023 - Cara Bentham


2023 Interior Design Trends: What's In and What's On Its Way Out

Take a look at some of the design trends for this year!

If you're redecorating your home this year, knowing what's on trend and what's on its way out could be crucial. You'll likely have to live in the space for quite some time, so you don't want it feeling dated fast. Building on trends of the past few years, earthy colours and materials are big this year. Sustainability is a big theme as people are becoming more thoughtful about what they buy and place in their homes. In this post, we explain some of the key interior design trends in 2023 and what's on its way out.


What's in?


Earth tones

Earth tones have been growing in popularity since the pandemic when people wanted to bring a sense of the outdoors inside during lockdown. This shows no sign of abating in 2023. This year, all shades of brown will be popular in the home. Complement these with creamy, warm shades of white and colours like coral, peach, and mauve.



Terrazzo originated over 500 years ago in Italy when marble chippings were set into cement as a way of reusing scrap materials. This sustainable material is on trend right now, not just for floors, countertops, and tiles. Terrazzo has become a pattern these days, too, with everything from lampshades, rugs and wallpaper printed in this style. Often in shades of brown and blue, it complements earthy design schemes well.



Neoclassicism will be significant in interior design this year, with much of its popularity owed to its timeless appeal. This style focuses on sophistication and elegance but does it in a minimalistic way. It emphasises precise and symmetrical lines combined with timeless artwork and furniture. Room layouts tend to be spacious, with carefully selected furniture and classic architectural details such as high ceilings and Greek columns. Symmetrical designs are key, combined with geometric decorative elements, mirrors, and plenty of light. This style works well in larger spaces.


Iron and Silver Accents

Forget gold accents this year. Silver and iron accents are trending now; the captivating shine of silver adds a touch of sophistication to a space. Think of candlesticks, mirror frames, light fittings, and ornaments.



Brutalist design is another big trend this year; it involves the use of concrete flooring and industrial materials. Compared to brutalist designs of the past, this year's approach is softer and incorporates natural elements like plants, stones, wood, and sustainable materials. The result is a more welcoming aesthetic.


Monochromatic Colour Schemes

A big trend this year is monochromatic colour schemes. For a bold, impactful look, envelope the room in colour by extending beyond the walls to include colour on the trims and ceiling. Layer this with a variety of textures and textiles in similar shades.


What's going out?


Overdressed Beds

Overdressed beds have been popular for some time but are going out of style now. Instead of overlayered beds with multiple pillows, throws and blankets, the minimalist look is in. Less is more in 2023, so be selective with your throw pillows and avoid overdressing the bed.


Coloured Appliances

Coloured kitchen appliances are going out of trend this year. If you're investing in a new kitchen or large appliances, keep it neutral.


Fast Furniture

Cheap, mass-produced furniture is less desirable than it once was. People are becoming increasingly conscious of this type of product's impact on the environment. It's time to be more thoughtful in our furniture choices and opt for quality pieces that will last the test of time. Better still, invest in antique or used furniture or take on an upcycling project.


Gold and Bronze

Gold and bronze have been popular for a while now but are on their way out this year, and they're being replaced with silver and grey tones.



If you're redecorating your home this year, be mindful of sustainability and selective about your choices regarding furniture, materials and decorative elements. Consider earth tones, and monochromatic styles to stay ahead of the times!


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