Perkins George Mawer & Co
Corn Exchange Chambers
Queen Street
Market Rasen, Lincolnshire
United Kingdom
01673 843011



From the former Corn Exchange in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire Perkins George Mawer & Co conduct regular Auctions of Antiques, Fine Art, Collectors’ Items and General Household Effects.

Our Auctioneers and Valuers would be pleased to discuss any items you require to be valued or entered into one of our many sales. Alternatively, we are able to arrange home visits. Our friendly service aims to deliver best price and a competitive return to sellers.

1. The highest bidder shall be the buyer. If any dispute arises the Auctioneers have absolute discretion to settle the dispute or to re-offer the lot. At the fall of the hammer every lot shall be at the risk of the buyer and the purchaser shall give the Auctioneer his name and address and shall (if required) pay down the whole of the purchase money or any sum required by the Auctioneers and any deposit so paid shall be taken as in part payment of the whole of the lots purchased.
2. The Auctioneers have absolute discretion to divide any lot, to combine any two or more lots, to withdraw any lots, to refuse bids and to regulate the bidding. They may bid on the Vendor's behalf for all goods which are being offered subject to a reserve or at the Auctioneers discretion. By the making of a bid the buyer acknowledges his acceptance of these Conditions and the terms of any Notices and other Condition in the catalogue.
3. The Auctioneers shall determine the amount of advance of each bidding and no bidding shall be retracted.
4. Settlement of all accounts must be in cash, cheque or debit card. No exception can be made to this condition and intending purchasers are advised to make the necessary arrangements before the sale.
5. Every lot is sold with all faults and error of description and the Auctioneers disclaim for themselves and the Vendor, all responsibility for authenticity, age, origin, condition or quality. All statements on such matters, whether printed in the catalogue or made orally, are statements of opinion and not representations of fact. Purchasers are deemed to have satisfied themselves on authenticity, condition etc. before bidding and no-one in the Auctioneers' employment has authority to make any representation of fact.
6. Care will be taken of all lots purchased as far as possible until their removal, but the Auctioneers will not be answerable for any loss or wrong removal of any lot or lots or for uncleared lots, loss of life or damage that may take place during the sale.
7. No lots to be transferred and no lots to be removed during the time of the sale.
8. The Auctioneers act as Agents only and they disclaim responsibility for default by either buyer or seller. They accept no responsibility in connection with the commissioning of their staff to bid for lots on behalf of intending purchasers. Instructions given by telephone are accepted at the sender's risk and must be confirmed in writing forthwith. The Auctioneers do not guarantee the title of any lot or lots sold by them and will not be responsible for any defect in such title.
9. If any buyer fails to comply with any of the above conditions the damages recoverable from the defaulter shall include all loss arising from any re-sale of the lot together with the charges and expenses in respect of both sales and any money deposited in part payment shall be held by the Auctioneers against the defaulter's liability.
10. Any damage done to the premises or contents thereof by removal of any of the lots shall be made good by the purchaser. Principals being responsible for act of their servants.
11. Third party liability. Every person attending this sale at the time shall be deemed to be there at his own risk and with notice of the condition of the premises and of the method of arranging furniture etc. He shall have no claim against the Auctioneers in respect of any injury he may sustain or any accident which may occur.
12. Value Added Tax. If you require an invoice, the catalogue must be retained as evidence of any lot(s) purchased.
13. A buyer's premium of 18% plus VAT will be charged in addition to the purchase price.
14. Under current legislation no cash transactions of £15,000 Euros (approx. £10,000) or over can be accepted.
15. Guide prices are given but not to be constituted as a reserve prices but only as an indication of our Auctioneers assessment of approximate value.
16. As far as possible every attempt is to provide an accurate assessment and description of the items as listed and further inspection reports can be given via email or over the telephone.
17. Telephone bids and commission bids are acceptable.
18. Online Bidding. Perkins George Mawer & Co. offers an online bidding service for bidders who cannot attend the sale. In completing the bidder registration on and providing your debit card details and unless alternative arrangements are agreed with Perkins George Mawer & Co;
1. authorise Perkins George Mawer & Co., if they so wish to charge the debit card given in part or full payment, including all fees, for items successfully purchased in the auction via and,
2. confirm that you are authorised to provide these debit card details to Perkins George Mawer & Co through
Please note that any lots purchased via the live auction service will be subject to an additional charges as follows at the rate imposed on the hammer price.
1. Where the Bidder chooses the FREE Registration option:
Easy Live Auction does not charge Bidders for accessing the Website or using the Services. The Auctioneer may charge the Bidder a percentage surcharge of up to 3% of the hammer price for successful live bids and Autobids. There are no charges for absentee bids. The Bidder is to check all charges and or commissions payable to the Auctioneer before bidding and incurring any liability to the Auctioneer. During the registration process for this option the payment card will be checked to ensure it is valid and in working order. This check consists of placing a deferred payment on the card for a nominal amount (less than £2) and voiding the transaction immediately. In the event of the void failing the payment will still never be taken from the card. Some card issuers may show this transaction temporarily on the card statement, if this is the case the transaction may take a several days to disappear from the card statement.
2. Where the Bidder chooses the Flat Fee per sale:
This fee will be paid direct to Easy Live Auction and the bidder will be able to bid on as many lots within the one sale with no further fees for this service. The Flat Fee is not refundable unless Easy Live Auction has agreed to change their registration method upon request. The Bidder is to check with the Auctioneer about any other fees such as buyer’s premiums that will apply. Easy Live Auction reserves the right to remove the Flat Fee option from any bidder for any reason

Packaging & Shipping
Please note that packaging and shipping costs are the sole responsibiity of the purchaser. Please ensure that a quotation has been obtained before bidding. The link below gives one example of a local courier, but other independent quotations are recommended
Tel: 01522 300 220