Head Office Charnwood Auction Salerooms
Unit 5 Hanford Way
Loughborough, Leicestershire
LE11 1LS
Charnwood 01509 839929
Newark 01636 499610



webuy2auction Auction Salerooms Registered at Companies House: Auction Salerooms Limited: Number: 11158711. We are now based in Loughborough, Retford and Newark and we want to buy recyclable unwanted goods so we can resell and become environmentally friendly partners to local government.
We convert your carboot2loot, your unwanted goods2gold, your clutter2cash. Remember: "Dont go to the tip, have a profitable trip".
We decided to run our auction day on Sundays to attract as many buyers as possible and to start at eleven will give the early rising car booters another injection of bargain buying buzz before lunch.
We have an auction every two weeks and intend to start running two day auctions on Saturday and Sunday both starting at 11.00 am. Keep an eye on our website for the auction dates and times or simply give us a call and we will email you the information every time.
We hope to open a dozen webuy2auction salerooms in the midlands area over the next 18 months.

We are different to most auction houses because webuy2auction most of our lots in each auction. We pay instant cash for unwanted recyclable goods.

We will be inviting sellers to bring in their items for auction valuation and entry on Monday2Friday between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm and will no doubt be seeing some interesting items.
We welcome household goods and antiques of any type so please don't hesitate to release the value in your unwanted items or treasured possessions.

We always give you the option of auction entry with commission charges and lotting fees or offer to purchase the customes goods upfront with instant cash.

Please contact us for any enquiries relating to following:

Selling items and valuations

Buying auction items and bidding types

Home and business clearances

End of line and distressed stocks

Business closing opportunities to turn assets in to liquid cash

Probate handling

Selling at webuy2auction Salerooms:
Commission with Insurance: 20%
Single items over £1,000: 15%
A charge shall be made for live Internet and fine art catalogues.
Carriage can be arranged in-house at a flat rate of £25/hr (plus VAT) within a 15 mile radius of our auction salerooms.

Buying at webuy2uction Salerooms:
Buyers Premium: 15% increasing to 20% if your invoice remains unpaid after 7 days outstanding.
There is a minimum buying fee of £1 applied to each lot
Full conditions of sale are available from the auctioneers
Valuations are free on site or at your home and business
Charnwood: 01509 839929--Newark: 01636 499610--Retford: 01777 279066
We offer a packing service only.
We can supply you with the dimensions and weight of your parcel and simply await your parcel labels to be sent to us.
We will try our best to keep you informed every step of the way.
Kind regards
webuy2auction team.
Charnwood: 01509 839929--Newark: 01636 499610--Retford: 01777 279066