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DH Auctioneers & Assets managements has helped several businesses, investors, and individual’s across UK during their most difficult time in solve their financial issues and achieve their needs. Whether you want to dispose, or sale your assets or stock DH Auctioneers will do everything it can to help you with your needs, as we also, buy assets and surplus stock.
DH Auctioneers is specialized in: Vehicles, Plant & Machinery, Art & Antiques, Jewelry & Watches, Surplus Stock or Traders Stock Return, and Liquidations Stock.
Hence, please contact us for a visit and a free valuation of your assets or stock on your own convenient time and date. With a large accountant’s contact, we will certainly attain the best valuation for your assets or surplus stock. Once your assets been valued, we will list them individually in the ‘’ easy live auction’’ platform, one of the largest and leading auctioneers platforms in the UK, to expose and maximize the chances of achieving the best value for your assets or surplus stock.

Therefore, every items, goods, and assets are purchased under these Terms & Conditions. Hence, no variations should be assumed or undertaking by anyone, without a full validation of a writing and signed full consent by a designed DH Auctioneers director or an officially authorised member of staff. Therefore, any bid place by purchaser or buyer, it is assumed by DH Auctioneers that they read and understood the full Terms & Conditions and are happy to go ahead with the agreement, making this T/C a bind contract. These contract extent to those bids made on behalf of the account holder, as every bid placed will be deemed as an offer that DH Auctioneers could accept. As
A. By registering online, you are confirming and agreeing to the DH Auctioneers full T/C.
B. If you win any lot, you are in financial conditions to process the payment within 24 hours and organise you lot collection method within the same timescale.
C. If you cannot comply with clause A & B, please do not bid. Has by ignoring these clauses, the purchases account will be blocked.

1. DH Auctioneers will be charging every purchaser, the Hammer Price, Vat, Buyer’s Premium, and Vat on Buyer’s Premium on every lot. However, this figure will vary on the items, assets, or stock, except vat, which is set by the government, at moment stand at 20%.
2. Once a bid is placed, the bidder is legally interring a contract with DH Auctioneers, where there, if the reserve has been met or not. Moreover, the vendor and DH Auctioneers and the vendor upholds the right to decline the highest bidder if something is wrong. Nevertheless, DH Auctioneers will assist the vendor and the purchaser to solve any dispute that might result to a sale been declined.

3. Every lot purchased must be paid within 24 hours after the auction has finished and collected within 24hours, unless otherwise stated. Fail to so, the client will be subject to storage costs, which is £5 daily per lot, and £10 daily per pallet plus VAT. Should the client not comply to DH Auctioneers T/C, she or he will be blocked from bidden with us in the future. Furthermore, no lot should collect, or assets being removed from vendors premises without been full paid.

4. Finally, paid for items, or goods, and assets, that are not collected 14 days after the auction has ended, DH Auctioneers hold the right to consider them as abandoned and resale or disposed them in adequate manners. Please not that no refund will be issued for any not collected items, goods, or assets. And if charges occur in disposing the buyer’s items, goods, or assets, the buyer will be hold full responsible to cover the gross cost of the disposal, and all legal procedures will be taken to recover the costs.

5. Purchaser are full responsible of their goods and assets after purchasing them. Should any damage or loss occur on goods or assets, DH Auctioneers will not refund nor repair any goods or assets after been purchased. Hence, if goods or assets are left unattended by the purchaser or vendor after the auction, it is all done at their own risk, not at DH Auctioneers. Furthermore, it is the purchaser’s full responsibility to acquire adequate and necessary help to dismantle and remove their goods or assets, this includes acquiring and comply with the Health & Safety at Work where is necessary, as the Act 1974 requires when removing goods or assets from a site or premises. As goods, assets, and equipment’s are sold without complying to the Health and Safety regulations. Moreover, should any damage or any injury occur while removing goods or assets from the site or the premises, it is the successful purchaser full responsibility, and they will be held full responsible, as also for any damage triggered or caused during the procedure of dismantling or removing.

6. DH Auctioneers strongly recommend every purchaser to attend viewing date before placing any bid, as all good and assets are sold as seen and described. As we also receive and sale second-hand goods and assets that come with faults, flaws, and functions errors. Therefore, DH Auctioneers will give not any kind of warranty for any goods or assets whatsoever.

7. Misrepresentation Act 1967. DH Auctioneers do not profess any expert or any profound knowledge on any area of goods, items, or assets that might be sold by us. Hence, we hereby excluding any liability that might provide the purchaser with any right or assumptions of DH Auctioneers being an expert based on information provided on lot descriptions. Therefore, the purchaser does not posse any right that validate the quality, condition, or date of any lot list in our catalogue that enable the purchaser to uphold DH Auctioneers for any misunderstanding statement or visual images.

8. DH Auctioneers hold the right to group or split the lots and sale to the highest bidder during or after the sale, as the vendors will try to get as much return as they can.

9. Breach of Conduct. Should for any reason purchaser’s breaches DH Auctioneers T/C, the auctioneer reserves the right to issue an initiative correspondence after 7 days the T/C have been breached. This is to minimise the cost that the purchaser will be full responsible, should the case end up in court, where all the charges will be pursued. This will include, but with not limited, as each case might prove to be different.
A. All the solicitor costs, which could vary from £215 – 450 excluding VAT.
B. All the solicitor administrations, travel, and hearing cost, that could add up to £350.
C. To attend the court room, £375 excluding VAT will be charged by DH Auctioneers solicitor per hour, and up to £165 excluding VAT for expense per day.
D. DH Auctioneers will charge £65 excluding VAT per hour, as administration costs to assist the purchaser proceeding his or her legal process.

10. DH Auctioneers will provide information of anything that will be sold by us in good faith but not to be relied upon on it, as we do not constitute any affiliation with the vendors. As all items, goods, and assets will be available for viewing days before they due for sale, subject to DH Auctioneers T/C.

11. Nevertheless, a great deal of care is constantly taken when receiving goods or assets from the vendors, when listing them on our catalogue, and when goods or assets are sent or posted to purchasers. However, DH Auctioneers, and it is members of staff are not to be held accountable for any error that occur during or after the purchase. Where there, is to do with qualities, quantities, colours, measurements, or expiring date, we will not be responsible for these types of errors. Hence, please do not bid if you are not sure about the items or assets conditions or dates.
Delivery & Collection
Our UK delivery only applies to England, Scotland & Wales. But we work with third parties that might be able to help with delivery to Ireland & Islands. Please contact the office before placing your bid.
Every lot won, must be collected within 48 hours. Fail to do so, a daily fine of £5 per lot and £10 per pallet will occur.
Our delivery price ranges from:
£10 per consignment up to 10 kg, or £18 per kg thereafter up to 30 kg.
Our standard liability cover per consignment cost £14 per kilo up to £1,000, and an excess of £30, extra cover is available at £9.65p per consignment.
Our packaging cost is only £1.50p per Box and £6.30p per Pallet. However, for pallet delivery please contact the office, as prices will vary due to geographic location. Please contact the office for quotation before bidding.
Collection is usually available by appointment only. However, due to ‘’Covid-19’’ governmental guideline that been put in place to avoid unnecessary travel and minimize contact, collection appointment is mandatory until further notice. Please refer to our shipment rate above before placing a bid.