15 Piece Artists Paint Brush Set & Case Knife & Sponge Inclu...

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15 Piece Artists Paint Brush Set & Case Knife & Sponge Included

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This very well crafted set of artists paint brushes are perfect for all levels of artistic, ability whether you're professional or a beginner, thisis the set for perfect you. Each brush comes is engraved with its size. This set includes : X2 filbert brushes ( size 8,15) - effective in blending work. X2 angled brushes ( size 12,13) - to paint clean lines X 4 flat brushes ( size 9,10,11,14) - to evenly and easily spread paint X1 rake brush ( size 7) - for texture, like fur, grass, feathers X1 liner brush ( size 1) - for continuous curves or straight lines X1 fan brush ( size 3) - for blending X 4 round brushes ( size 2,4,5,6) - to draw with and make the outlines. X1 case- capable of holding 15 brushes, 1 sponge and one pallet knife comfortably. X1 water paint sponge - highly absorbent X1 pallet knife (size 3) Each brush has good resilience and elasticitymeaning it moves well with each stroke but will not lose its shape, with good control and accuracy leaving smooth painting tracks. These brushes also hold a very good amount of liquid, so you won't be dipping into your colours all the time and they won't drip paint all over your canvas. They are also unaffected when they have been washed out, meaning you can wash out one paint and use another without weakening them. Each brush is just as capable of creating a wonderful water paint landscape as it is the most elegant oil portrait for years to come. Who doesn't like additional extras? The sturdy carry case ( clutch case with a sturdy carrying handle.) makes it harder to lose a brush but also prevents them from getting damaged. It also has another feature where both sides have a feature where the brushes can be stood to attention by folding the back down along the fold line by roughly 45 degrees. The sponge is perfect for soaking up that little spillage or to scrub your hands after and the pallet knife is very helpful with its many little uses, from opening your paint pot to mixing your paints. Specification: In the box:15 Piece Artist Brush Set

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