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BRITISH COMMONWEALTH 1840-1935 fantastic U collection in two boxed New Imperial albums incl. Vol. I GB 1840 1d.(2), 2d. (all four margins), Line Engraved, 1847-54 1s Embossed, Surface Printed range (some c.d.s), 1883-84 2/6d to 10s, Edw to 1s, 5s, 1915 DLR 5s, Officials, Antigua with full range of Perkins Bacon issues incl. 1876 6d inverted wmk, 1921-29 £1, Ascension 1922 set, Australia with 1915-22 to £1, 1923-4 £1, 1932 Bridges set, postage dues, Officials, Bahamas with Chalon range, Barbados with Imperf & Perf Britannia vals to 5s, 1912 & 1916-18 3s, Bechuanaland vals to 10s (cert), Bermuda with SG.12 (repaired, Cert. Cat. £18,000 M), SG.13 & 14 (Certs, Cat. £1500), 1875 1d. Ovpts. (3, Cat. £975), KGV to 10s, Br. East Africa with SG.1,2 & 3 (Cert, Cat. £900), Br. Guiana Ship issues, 1862 2c (Cat. £450), 1876-79 96c, Ovpts, Officials, 1888-9 $5 on piece, 1905 $2.40 (fiscal U), British Honduras, British Levant, British Solomons with 1914-23 to £1, 1922-31 10s, British Somaliland, Canada with Imperf 3d beaver (four margins), 7½d (2 margins, Cat. £3250), Perf Issues to Cartier, Large & Small heads, 1897 set to $5 (mainly c.d.s - $2 roller pmk, Cat. £3500), 1908 Quebec set, KGV sets to $1, Registered, Cape of Good Hope with SG.1 (three very large even margins), 4d, other triangles to 1s, 1861 Woodblock 4d (SG.14b, Cat. £3250), Mafeking Ovpts with 1s on 6d. (Cert. Cat. £850), 2s (on piece, Cat. £700), 1d bike, 3d small & large (Cat. £1300, perfs missing), Vryburg 2d on 6d (Cert, Cat. £550), Cayman Is, Ceylon - many fine imperfs with 4d (Cert, Cat. £4500), 8d (Cat. £1500), 9d. (Cat. £850), 2s (Cat. £1300), Perf Issues to 2s (3), Surcharges with SG.142 (Cert, Cat. £550, tiny pinhole at top), Ovpts to 2r.25c, 1910-11 10r, Officials, China Br. PO's. 1917-21 to $5 (Cat. £650+), Cyprus with QV & Edw, 1928 to £1, Dominica, Egypt with 1934 to E£1, Airs, Dues, Officials, Falkland Is, Fiji, Gambia Imp. 4d (2), 6d (2), later QV, KGV to 10s, Gibraltar with 1912-19 to £1 (rubbed), Gold Coast QV vals to 20s (2), Edw. & KGV 20s, Grenada Chalons, Surcharges, 1921-29 set to 10s, Dues, Griqualand W. 'G' Ovpts (27), Heligoland, Hong Kong with many QV, Surcharges, 1903 to $1, 1904-07 to $2, KGV to $3 (2), Postal Fiscals, India with Officials, Indian Convention & Feudatory States, Ireland, Jamaica, K.U.T, Lagos, Malta. Vol. II Mauritius with Imperf 1d (3, one with very large margins all round), Lapirot 2d (SG.38, Cat. £1400), Sherwin 2d (damaged, Cat. £8000), Britannia Type 3 4d (2), 6d, 9d, many later QV to 1s, 5s (2), Surcharges, Cents issues, Shield issues, Edw. 5r, KGV to 5r, Montserrat, Morocco Agencies, Natal with SG.4 (cut very large, Cat. £500), Chalons, later QV to 5s, Edw. to 5s (2), 10s, £1, £1.10, Nevis, New Brunswick with Imperf 3d, 6d, Newfoundland with 1857 3d, 4d, 1860 2d, 6d, 1861-62 2d, 4d, 5d, 6d, 1s, 1865-70, 1868-73 & 1876-79 issues, New Guinea with SG.84 & 85 (Cat. £1700), vals to 5s (2), £1 (SG.99, Cat. £475) mixed cancels, 1935 £2, New South Wales with Views (3), Imperfs Type 8 (15), Registered (2), 1854-59 Imp. to 1s(2), later Perf to 5s (4), 1888-89 5s (2), 10s, Officials, New Zealand Imperf Chalons (25) to 1s & Perf (30) to 1s, later to 5s, Views to 5s (2), Edw. & KGV issues, Dues, Officials to £1, Lighthouse stamps, Niger Coast with SG 11, 17, 18 (Cert.), 29 (Cert.), 31 (Cert.), 32 (Cert.), 57 (Cert.), 58, 59, 63 (Cert.), 64 (Cert.), 65 (Total Cat. £5450), Nigeria to 10s, North Borneo with Dues, N. Nigeria Edw. 10s, KGV 10s, £1, N. Rhodesia to 20s, Nova Scotia with 1d, 3d, 6d (two shades, Cat. total £3200), Nyasaland with 1891-95 to 4s, 1892-93 4s, 1895 to 5s, 1897 to 4s, 1913-23 to £1, 1921-30 to 10s, Orange Free State Orange Tree issues, Surcharges, Ovpts., VRI incl. SG.122a (Cert. Cat. £350), Edw. to 5s, Queensland 1860 Imp. 2d & 6d (SG.3 Cert. four margins, Cat. £2950), Perf. Chalons (55), vals to £1 (2), many later QV with 1900 Charity set (CTO. Cat. £465), Rhodesia 1890 to £2, 1891 Surcharge 4d, 8d (Cat. £1650), 1896-97 to 10s, 1896 BSAC Ovpt set, 1898-1908 to £2 (2), £10 (fiscal cancel), 1915 Falls set (Cat. £325), 1909 to £1, Double Heads with 5s, 7s.6d, 10s (pulled perf), Admirals to 5s, 10s (SG.241 Cat. £350), St. Helena QV range (32), 1903 set, St. Lucia, St. Vincent QV range with SG.2, 8, 9, 10 (Cert. Cat. £1100), 11, 12 to 14, 17, 35 (Cert. Cat. £800), vals to 5s, Samoa, Sarawak, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa 1913-24 to £1, Dues, South Australia large & comprehensive Imperf & Perf range, vals to 2s (7), 1887-95 50s, £4, £10, £20 (SPECIMEN cancels), Officials, Southern Nigeria, Southern Rhodesia, Straits with many Surcharges, Edw. to $5 (2 diff), 1907 Labuan Ovpt set, KGV to $5 (5 diff), $25, Malayan States, Sudan, Tanganyika, Tasmania Imperf Chalons (18), Perf (20), Tobago, Togo to 20s, Tonga, Transjordan, Transvaal with 1885-93 £5 (Cert), Trinidad, Turks & Turks-Caicos, Uganda with SG.1 (fair, Cat. £2250), 1898-1902 5r (Cat. £150), Victoria with Half Lengths (5), Throne issues (6), 1857 1s Roulette (SG.55 Cat. £450), many later with vals to 5s (5), Dues, Western Australia ranges of Swans, some Imperf, later vals to 10s, Zanzibar Ovpts, Surcharges, 1896 to 5r, 1899 to 1r, 5r, 1904 to 2r, 1908-09 10r, 20r (Cat. £1225), 200r (pmk.??), 1913 10r, 50r (Cat. £1825, pmks.??), Zululand etc. NB. This collection was put together by a very diligent philatelist and is offered complete. He has tried to get the best condition available but note the following: Description: Regretfully, time & space only allows for a brief 'snapshot' of the stamps held in these two albums. Many scarce stamps are included but not noted. Careful inspection imperative. Imperfs.: Many are four margin. However, some may be three but are still collectable stamps. Cancellations: Every effort has been made to get commercially used stamps only. Some CTO are noted and a very few fiscals can be found. The collector noted the fiscals, in pencil, under most stamps. There may be some fake postmarks but we have tried to indicate this in the description. Certificates: Most of the certificates are either B.P.A. or R.P.S. Some have qualifying condition comments and stamps are sold as such. Rarely offered intact, this collection affords ample scope for continuation, or could profitably be split and sold as singles and one country collections. (1000's)

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