Antiques & Collectables - 915 Lots

by Torridge Auctions
28th Feb 2013 from 10am GMT
Torridge Auctions
Torridge Auctions
The Lion Store
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United Kingdom
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Sale Description:
Antiques & Collectables

Antiques & Collectables
Viewing Wed 12.00 - 7.00pm
Thurs from 9.00am
Sale Dates:
28th February 2013 from 10am GMT - Antiques & Collectables (Lots 1 to 860)

Fees apply to the hammer price:

Free Registration
18% inc VAT*

*These fees include buyers premiums and internet surcharges.
Please see the auctioneers terms & conditions for more information
1. The bidding will be regulated by the Auctioneer, subject to the Vendor's reserve (if any). No bid shall be retracted. If any dispute should arise between two or more bidders the Auctioneer may determine the dispute at their own discretion and their decision shall be final. Torridge Auctions reserve the right to refuse the bid of any person without being called upon to give reason for such action.
2. All lots are believed to be described correctly but cannot be guaranteed to be so, and no compensation shall be allowed for any error, should such exist, regarding the quantity, quality or otherwise of the respective lots. A warranty is given on domestic electrical items as stated in condition 18 (b) and (c) and all other lots shall be deemed to be examined by the purchaser and bought as found.
3. Torridge Auctions will not be responsible for any accident or injury to persons or property through fire or any other causes whatsoever, nor for any damage caused prior to, during or after the Sale.
4. All lots are entered under the Vendor's ownership until, at the fall of the hammer, they become the responsibility of the purchaser. Title, however, does not pass until full payment is received by Torridge Auctions. In the event of any default in payment by any purchaser, Torridge Auctions reserves the right to offer the items to the underbidder (subject to any reserve applicable) and to amend the hammer price accordingly. Should Torridge Auctions fail in this, the item(s) will be returned to the Vendor.
5. All lots whether sold or unsold must be removed from the saleroom by 4pm on the day following the sale unless alternative arrangements have been made with Torridge Auctions. Failure to observe this condition may result in storage and/or disposal charges being levied. Items left on the premises for more than 3 months (except by agreement) will become the property of Torridge Auctions to recover costs incurred.
6. Torridge Auctions reserve the right to:
(a) Refuse any item
(b) Sell items in Lots as they see fit
(c) Make charges to cover costs incurred while handling goods or through non-compliance with these conditions.

7. Items for sale may be brought to the Saleroom at any time during opening hours in a "Non-Sale week" with the exception of the week before an Antiques & Collectables Sale. Entries for Sales are accepted (space permitting) until the time shown in advertisements.
8. Unsold lots may not be removed from the Saleroom without first obtaining written authorisation from the Auctioneers.
(a) A lotting fee will be charged of £1.00 per item with a minimum of £5.00 per sale being levied, A deposit of £5.00 is required
(b) Commission will be charged at the rate of 15%
Commission is subject to VAT.
Special terms are available for trade entries.
(c) Any unsold item subject to reserve will be charged at £1.00 per lot to a maximum of £15.00 per vendor
(d) Any item withdrawn by the Vendor after cataloguing will be charged at £1.00 per lot to a maximum of £15.00 per vendor
Payment for goods sold will normally be made by cheque one week after the Sale date providing Torridge Auctions have received payment for the said goods. Cash payment may be obtained by arrangement during the week following the Sale.

11. All purchasers are reminded that in bidding for any item they are deemed to have read and accepted these conditions of sale
12. Each lot, at the fall of the hammer, shall be considered as delivered and remain at the absolute risk of the respective purchaser.
13. All lots purchased shall be paid for by 4pm on the day following the sale unless other arrangements have been made with Torridge Auctions. No lots shall be removed from the Sale premises unless a receipt has been obtained from Torridge Auctions.
14. Purchasers removing lots will be held responsible for any damage caused to persons or property.
15. A buyer's premium of 15% will be charged on all lots purchased.
Buyer's premium is subject to VAT.
16. Any Purchasers' Bills not paid by 4.00 pm on the day following the Sale will be subject to a 2% surcharge immediately, followed by an increase of 1% per week or part week commencing one week later unless prior arrangements have been made.
17. Commission bids may be left with Torridge Auctions. Bidders are asked to observe all these Conditions and to contact the Auctioneers by noon on the day following the Sale.

(a) Electrical items will be accepted subject to passing a safety test performed by Torridge Auctions nominated Electrician. There will be a fee for this test as shown in the Saleroom. Any item failing this test will be withdrawn from the Sale and becomes the responsibility of the Vendor to remove from the saleroom according to Condition 6. If any item is in need of any expendable parts (e.g. bulbs, blades, etc) or routine maintenance (e.g. cleaning, sharpening etc) at the time of entry, this must be clearly stated on a notice attached to the item together with any faults of which the vendor is aware.
(b) Any electrical fault discovered on an item marked "WORKING ORDER" must be reported by the Purchaser no later than 2.00pm on the Monday following the Sale. The item will then be considered for refund at the discretion of Torridge Auctions or, with the agreement of the Purchaser and Vendor, the item may be repaired at the Vendor's expense. The Vendor will be notified of any item for which a refund is made and the hammer price of the item will be deducted from the payment cheque. This condition does not extend to any visible defects (e.g. missing knobs, cracked cases etc), expendable parts (e.g. bulbs, blades etc) or routine maintenance (e.g. cleaning, sharpening etc).
(c) Any item demonstrated in working order at the time of sale will be deemed to have been bought as such and no refund or repair will subsequently be allowed.
(d) Some items of equipment are believed to be in working order but cannot be fully tested (e.g. plumbed-in appliances) and are sold without warranty.
(e) Any item marked "SOLD AS SEEN" carries no warranty.
19. GAS COOKING APPLIANCES are not accepted
20. UPHOLSTERED ITEMS These can only be accepted if they comply with the current Fire Safety Regulations and display relevant labels. Exception is made for antique items.

Please note that VAT is charged
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