No Reserve Auction of Rare Model Kits, Collectable Diecast, Oo Gauge Railway And Collectable Toys Auction. - 537 Lots

by Prestige Auctions
28th Dec 2019 from 9:30am GMT
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Sale Description:
No Reserve Auction of Rare Model Kits, Collectable Diecast, Oo Gauge Railway And Collectable Toys Auction.

90% of this auction is the collection of one man. A stunning huge collection of model kits including vintage and collectable ones and rare ones as well. Some boxes are sealed some have been opened and the odd one has been started but then put away neatly in the box.
The diecast collection sees many sinlge items of limited edition and collectable items most of which are in mint condition. There are also many groups that have been put together.
There is also a scattering of collectable toys in this auction and then we finish off the day with some OO gauge railway items including wagons, coaches, accesories and locos.
We have put this auction inon the saturday between christmas and new year so people can travel to view as it really is an auction that needs to be seen. If you can get to view then you can sit at home and bid on easy live and we can even send the items to you through the post and we have been commended after our recent auctions for the speed we send out and for the low prices we charge for posting.
Please let everybody know about this one off auction and a chance to get some rare model kits at maybe some bargain prices as this is a no reserve auction so bidding can start as low as £5 per lot
Sale Dates:
28th December 2019 from 9:30am GMT - No reserve auction of rare model kits,collectable diecast, oo gauge railway and collectable toys auction. (Lots 1 to 536)
Viewing Dates:
27th December 2019 - 8am to 7pm
28th December 2019 - 8am to 9:30am

Fees apply to the hammer price:

Free Registration
21.6% inc VAT*

Flat Fee Registration
18% inc VAT*

*These fees include buyers premiums and internet surcharges.
Please see the auctioneers terms & conditions for more information
1. All items submitted for auction must belong to you or you must have permission to sell the items.

2. A commission is charged for all lots submitted for auction which is 10% + vat with a lotting fee of £1 per lot which becomes nil and void at £10 bid.

3. All reserves must be agreed by the auctioneer and the £1 lotting fee + vat will still apply even if the item does not sell. Please be sure to ask for a reserve on your item if you do not want it to sell below a certain price as bidding starts at £2 in our general sales and £5 in our online sales

4. Items entered into the auction will be sold asap and proceeds will be paid to you usually within two weeks of auction end and can be paid by cash (under £1000), bank transfer or cheque.

5. Only items paid for by the winning bidder will actually be paid out on.

6. If an item is not paid for it will be submitted into the next available auction to be resold.

7. All items are purchased with no guarantees given or implied. It is your responsibility to examine all items before you place any bids on then as we operate a buyer beware policy and you are buying what you see. No refunds will be given for you changing your mind or if you find a certain item is damaged or does not work.

8. A buyers premium is added to all items purchased at 15% + vat which equals 18% total.

9. You must pay for your purchases on the same day of the auction or on the next working day and collect your items.

10. Any items not collected will be charged a storage fee of £1 per item per day plus vat.

11. All motor vehicle are sold as seen.

12. Payment is by cash or debit card. We do not accept credit cards in the room.

13. Any breakages must be paid for at the estimated price agreed ny the auctioneer.

14. We take items in on a Monday but please ask prior to bringing items in as we also operate a booking system and the auction room can book up sometimes two weeks in advance.

15. Viewing is on a Friday 8am-7pm.

16. Private valuations can be arranged please ask for details.

17. All non sold items have to be collected by Monday dinner time unless arranged otherwise and it is your responsibility to check if you have any with the auction room office. Anything that is not collected by end of play Friday will be disposed of at a charge to the vendor. Monies will only be paid out once the not sold items have been collected.

18. We operate a buyer beware policy on all electrical items and it is your responsibility to make sure that any electrical item is fully tested by a professional before you try it out. We do allow testing in the auction room before bidding. We do show all televisions working, all fridges and freezers are switched on working, and all small appliances can be tried out in the auction room. We do a spin test on washing machines and try out the dryers. Any gas appliances should always be tested and fitted by a gas safe professional after you purchase the item

19. it is your responsibility to make sure you have the relevant licenses in place (were required) to buy certain items

20. a lot number sticker is added to every lot and can sometimes leave a residue. Prestige auctions advises that you apply a damp cloth over the sticker and leave for a while then the sticker should come away without leaving any damage. Prestige auctions holds no responsibility for any marks left by stickers.

21. prestige auctions reserve the right to not take bids from anybody known to be involved in criminal activity (e.g. money laundering).

22. prestige auctions are not experts in antiques and collectables and all information given is from description’s from vendors and information gained from other sources and the internet. We hold no responsibility for items sold under value when no reserve is applied.

23. We do not insure your items when you put them into our auction and it is up to you to make sure you have the correct insurance in place for your items until they have been sold and paid for at which point the risk then sits with the new owner.

24. Any lots purchased via auction service (ELA) will be subject to an additional charge over and above the normal commission charges for those buyers bidding in person at the auction. Details of these charges and the options available will be shown when registering for the auction on
We will endeavour to ship any item we sell in the auction room, however some items may not be possible to ship.

We take no responsibility for any breakages in transit for anything we send but will always do want we can to send items as secure and well packed as we possibly can.

All items need to be removed from the room within two working days of the auction ending so please contact us to arrange postage asap or you will have to pay storage charges. As set out in our normal terms and conditions of sale.

We charge a £4 plus vat fee for packing your items which is added to the postage amount we have to pay to ship your items and this needs to be paid upfront over the phone.
We will offer economy and priority postal services to suit your budget....
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