Philatelic Auction of Fine GB & Commonwealth Material Including Significant Rarities - 1100 Lots

by Mayfair Philatelics
15th Nov 2020 from 10:30am GMT
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Sale Description:
Philatelic Auction of Fine GB & Commonwealth Material Including Significant Rarities

Mayfair Philatelic Auctions November Public/Online Auction to be held on Sunday 15th November at 10:30am.

After an opening section of around 200 all world collections, 280 one country and GB collections and a strong section of GB singles follow with a fine offering of 1d blacks and later line engraved, mint QV, high values, specialised Ed VII and GV, mint Seahorses etc. A few highlights include a superb mint 1870 1 1/2d rosy mauve, 2 mint examples of the 2/- brown, a group of scarce ‘underprints’ 1862 6d lilac mint with inverted watermark and, also with inv. wk, £1 green SG 212 used (rare). We have 3 different 1901 ‘Paste up’ Essays, a complete set of 9 ‘Transvaal’ Essays, Downey Head Die Proofs and Hentschel Essays and a PUC 2 1/2d u/m with inv. wk. One of the scarcest items in the sale is an u/m example of the 1959 £1 Bradbury Castle on chalky paper.

As ever, a superb section of British Commonwealth singles follows the GB with a plethora of ‘Red Pounds’, Falklands Centenary high values, a Gibraltar £5, Caymans SG 35, Sierra Leone SG 67 u/m, Rhodesia ‘Double head’ £1 and 1898 £10, the elusive Jordan 1933 Tourism set and fine used Nyasaland £10 SG 52. Scarce varieties include Bechuanaland SG 4a, Bermuda 119cf, North Borneo 157a and, running throughout, 1935 Jubilee varieties. A major rarity to point out to you also, Trinidad 1/- SG 59 with the Perkins Bacon ‘Cancelled’ handstamp (one of only six).

Bids can be made by post, telephone, email, or via the website ( with live bidding on the day at Mayfair can also provide telephone bidding and the services of auction agents. Al bids are subject to a buyer's premium of 20%, in addition to EasyLive fees.

Questions should be forwarded to the office via email ( or telephone +44 (0)20 30193630
Sale Dates:
15th November 2020 from 10:30am GMT - Philatelic Auction of Fine GB & Commonwealth Material Including Significant Rarities (Lots 1 to 1100)

Fees apply to the hammer price:

Free Registration
23.6% inc VAT*

Flat Fee Registration
20% inc VAT*

*These fees include buyers premiums and internet surcharges.
Please see the auctioneers terms & conditions for more information
The British Philatelic Auctioneers' Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (1985 revision).NOTICEThe auctioneers exercise all reasonable care to ensure that all statements as to cancellations, centering, colour, condition, date of issue or of postalmarking, gum, margins, paper, perforation, printing, provenance, quality, sheet position, status, usage, watermarks etc in lot descriptions are reliable andaccurate and that each item is genuine unless the contrary is indicated. However the statements are not intended to be and are not to be takent o be statements of fact or representations of fact in relation to the lot. They are statements of the opinion of the auctioneers andattention is particularly drawn to clause 5 of the PHILATELIC AUCTIONEERS STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS (1985 REVISION) set out below.Comments and opinions concerning the characteristics mentioned above, which may be found in or on lots as notes, lists, catalogue prices, writing upor any other means of expression, do not constitute part of lot descriptions and are not to be taken as such unless they are made or specifically verifiedby the auctioneers.Clause 1a) Each lot is put up subject to any reserve price imposed by the vendor.b) Subject to sub clause a) of this clause, the highest bidder for each lot shall be the purchaser thereof at the fall of the hammer.c) If any dispute arises as to the highest bidder the auctioneer shall have the absolute discretion to determine the dispute and may put up again and re-sell the lot in respect of which the dispute arises.Clause 2a) The bidding and advances shall be regulated by and at the absolute discretion of the auctioneer and he shall have the right to refuse any bid or bids.NOTE. Where an agent bids, even on behalf of a disclosed client, the auctioneer nevertheless has the right at his discretion to refuse any such bid.b) The purchaser of each lot shall immediately on its sale if required by the auctioneer give to him the name and address of the purchaser and pay tothe auctioneer at his discretion the whole or part of the purchase money. If the purchaser of any lot fails to comply with any such requirement, theauctioneer may put up again and re-sell the lot; if upon such resale a lower price is obtained than was first obtained on the first sale the purchaser indefault on the first sale shall make good the difference in price and expense of resale which shall become a debt due from him.c) Where an agent purchases on behalf of an undisclosed client such agent shall be personally liable for payment of the purchase money to the auctioneerand for safe delivery of the lots to the said client.Clause 3a) The auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of clients and vendors.b) The auctioneer reserves the right before or during a sale to group together lots belonging to the same vendor, to split up and to withdraw any lot orlots at the auctioneer's absolute discretion and without giving any reason in any case (without liability to any potential purchaser).c) The auctioneer acts as agent only and therefore shall not be liable for any default of the purchaser (providing he has not handed over the goods) orvendor.Clause 4a) Each lot shall be at the purchaser's risk from the fall of the hammer and shall be paid for in full before delivery and taken away at his expense by apurchaser in the United Kingdom within 7 days from the date of sale and by a purchaser overseas within 14 days from the date of sale or such longertime as shall be agreed in writing between the auctioneer and purchaser.b) If any purchaser fails to pay in full for any lot within the time stated in sub clause a) of this clause such lot may at any time thereafter at the auctioneer'sdiscretion be put up for sale by auction again or sold privately. If upon such resale a lower price is obtained than was first obtained on the first sale thepurchaser in default on the first sale shall make good the difference in price and expense of resale which shall become a debt due from him.c) Interest shall be payable by the purchaser on any overdue account, the rate to be specified by each individual auction for which Mayfair PhilatelicAuctions currently levy a rate of 2% compound per calendar month, for each month or part month overdue following 30 days from the date of sale.Clause 5a) Each lot is sold as (1) GENUINE unless otherwise described in the sale catalogue or by the auctioneer and (2) correctly described (see also Clause 5f).The date of any certificate forming part of the description of any lot may be included in the description.b) A purchaser shall be at liberty to reject any lot if he (i) gives the auctioneer written notice of intention to question the genuineness or, as the case maybe, the accuracy of the description of the lot within 7 days (or in the case of any overseas purchaser to be in the auctioneer's hands within 10 days) fromthe date of sale AND (ii) proves that the lot is not genuine or was incorrectly described; AND (iii) returns to the auctioneer within 30 days from the date of sale, the lot in the same condition as it was at the time of sale; provided that the auctioneermay, at his absolute discretion, on receiving a request in writing from the purchaser, extend for a reasonable period the time for the return of the lot, toenable it to be submitted to an agreed expert or expert committee. NOTE: The onus of proving a lot to be not genuine, or incorrectly described, is onthe purchaser. The inability of a recognized expert or expert committee to express a definite opinion shall serve to discharge the onus on the purchaserand shall be a ground for rejecting the lot concerned.c) Where a lot has been submitted for expert opinion, all costs of such an opinion shall be paid by the person who retained the item or items to whichthat opinion relates.d) Where the purchaser of a lot discharges the onus and acts in accordance with sub clause (b) of this clause, the auctioneer shall rescind the sale andrepay to the purchaser the purchase money paid by him in respect of the lot.e) No lot shall be rejected if, subsequent to the sale, it has been immersed in water, marked by an expert or expert committee, or treated by any otherprocess, unless the auctioneer's permission to subject the lot to such immersion, marking or treatment, has first been obtained in writing. (Note. ManyContinental experts now mark forged stamps; therefore it is essential for permission to be obtained from auctioneers BEFORE submitting to theseexperts.)f) If any lot listed under 'collections or various' or stated to comprise or contain a collection, issues, or stamps which are undescribed shall be put up forsale, not subject to rejection and shall be taken by the purchaser with all (if any) faults, lack of genuineness and errors of description and numbers ofstamps in the lot and the purchaser shall have no right to reject the lot; except that, notwithstanding the provisions of this sub clause, where before asale a person intending to bid at the sale gives notice in writing to, and satisfies the auctioneer that any such lot contains any item or items not describedin the sale catalogue, and that person specifically describes that item or those items shall, as between the auctioneer and that person, be taken to formpart of the description of the lot for the purposes of sub clauses (a), (b) and (d) of this clause.g) No lot illustrated in the catalogue shall be rejected on the ground of centering, cancellation, margins, perforation or other characteristics clearlyapparent from the illustration.h) Lots offered 'as is' or 'offered on their merits' may contain items that are not genuine and, therefore, may not be returned for any reason. Neither canextensions be granted on them.Clause 6The respective rights and obligations of the parties shall be governed and interpreted by English Law and the buyer hereby submits to the exclusivejurisdiction of the English Courts.Mayfair 14 October complete 112pgs.qxp_Layout 1 21/08/2018 15:46 Page 112
PUBLIC AUCTION - FRIDAY 10th JULY 2020Further Instruction and terms of sale.Estimated Values. Bids should be made in GBP (British Pounds Sterling) only and in whole pounds. Pence will not be taken into consideration and bids below 70% of the estimate may not be entered at all. Estimates are based on realisations from previous sales or at the describer’s discretionary and professional opinion. Reserves are generally at, or close to the lower estimate.Catalogue Numbers and Values are from Stanley Gibbons (SG) catalogues unless shown otherwise. Values are applicable as of the date of describing so variations are possible. Numbers and values taken from other catalogues normally refer accordingly (e.g. Michel/Mi, Yvert/Yv, Scott, etc.) and usually show the £Stg/GBPS equivalent of that catalogue value. Quantities for lots are shown where possible. For logistical reasons bulky lots will be shown with an approximate figure only, often denoted with ‘approx’ or similar. All reasonable care is taken in preparing figures; whilst accuracy is intended and offered in earnest, statistics and values must be understood as those of opinion and not as resolute fact. Certificates. Lots where the item (or main item(s) within lot) has certification mentioned in the description, are offered based on the opinion expressed therein, which, may or may not reflect the views of Mayfair Philatelic Ltd. If extension for certification is required, this must be registered with us when the bid is placed, or by the close of sale at the latest. Requests beyond this point will not be fulfilled.Value Added Tax (VAT). All stamps are sold under margin scheme rules, mostly for ‘Global Accounting’. No extra need be added within the EU and no export discount applies outside the EU. For import/export and VAT purposes stamps are treated as pre-owned, therefore, no VAT is added to the overall price nor is it subject to reclaim or discounts.Delivery of Lots. Our standard method of postage for small or single items is typically via Royal Mail Special Delivery (+£2.00 to cover packing and tax). Larger/Heavier and international shipping varies depending on weight, value and client location. Should your delivery fee total more than £50 you will be notified before despatch. Delivery charges will be waived for invoices totalling £2,000 (UK) and £5,000 (elsewhere) and up. We aim to despatch* within 7 days of the auction close but offer an expedited service for a guaranteed priority despatch (usually first Monday following the auction) for an additional £5. *Please note that actual delivery times may vary.Notification of Result. Realisations for lots you have bid on will be posted to you in the week following the auction along with your invoice or failure notice and a list of unsold items available for purchase. A list of general realisations along with unsold items will also be available to view/purchase on our website, within 72 hours of the auction close. We regret that we are not able to offer customer specific results online.Payments should be made within seven days of the auction* or may be subject to interest and fees. Payments can be made via bank transfer, by all major credit/debit cards including AMEX, cash (in person and up to £10,000) or by cheque. Incidentals; debit/credit card details must be provided before the sale close, details received after this time may be subject to an administrative fee. Please allow for any transfer fees when opting for international bank transfer. Instalments may be requested* at the time of placing your bid for amounts of £100 and up, over a maximum of four payments. The first payment will be taken the first working day following the auction and thereafter on the last day of the month, every month, until the invoice is cleared. Please note that in order to request a plan, your debit/credit must not expire within 6 months of the auction close. Funds should be ready and available in the account on the assigned payment day(s) or the plan may be cancelled and the full fee due with immediate effect. *Subject to Manager’s discretion. Insurance. All items are subject to insurance whilst in Mayfair’s premises and in transit to you. A discretionary rate of 0.28p (UK customers) and 0.46p (overseas) per £100 will be calculated against your invoice unless specifically requested otherwise. Goods sent without insurance are strictly at the customer’s risk. ALL LOTS, INCLUDING MIXED LOTS CARRY A FULL MAYFAIR PHILATELIC GUARANTEE PROVIDED RETURNED PROMPTLY AND IN GOOD ORDER UPTO 14 DAYS (UK) AND 21 DAYS (OVERSEAS) FOR A FULL, NO QUIBBLE REFUND.The Philatelic Auctioneers standard terms and conditions also apply placing a bid is your acceptance of these terms and the above and any subsequent amendments. Your statutory rights are not affected.
Our standard methods of postage are either Royal Mail Special delivery OR by Courier, if a customer would like to choose a cheaper method, we are more than happy to accommodate, but this must be by prior request and it will be at customer’s own risk.
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