Mixed Goods - New Rattan Garden Furniture, New & Used IT, New Baths & Various Bulk Pallets - 134 Lots

by Martcom
Ends 12th Apr 2017 from 11am BST
A1 Stephenson Road
Groundwell Id Est
SN25 5AX
United Kingdom
08456 444011
Sale Description:
Mixed Goods - New Rattan Garden Furniture, New & Used IT, New Baths & Various Bulk Pallets

Lots of New single lot items as well as Pallets of Sport, Office, Music, Home all customer returns from a major online retailer.
Sale Dates:
Ends 12th April 2017 from 11am BST

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35.6% inc VAT*

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Any dispute as to any bid shall be settled at the Auctioneers’ absolute discretion. Every bidder shall be deemed to act as principal unless there is in force a written acknowledgement by the Auctioneers that he acts as agent on behalf of a named principal.

The highest bidder acceptable to the Auctioneers shall be the purchaser. If, during or immediately after the sale of the goods, the Auctioneer considers that a dispute has arisen or that there is any other reason for doing the Auctioneer may at his absolute discretion immediately put up the goods again for sale or, alternatively, he shall be the sole arbitrator in any dispute between two or more bidders and his decision shall be final and binding on all concerned. If the Auctioneer feels that the highest bidder did not make the bid in good faith or was not authorized to make such a bid, the Auctioneer may at its absolute discretion offer the goods to the second highest bidder.

A buyer’s commission of 20% will be added to all bids on goods, with the exception of vehicles where the commission is 10% unless otherwise stated. VAT shall be added to the commission only unless otherwise stated.

The purchaser shall give to the Auctioneers his name and address and, if so required his bank or other suitable references. He may be required to pay forthwith the whole or any part of the purchase price, and if he fails to do so the lot or lots may at the Auctioneers’ absolute discretion be put up again and re-sold.

Goods may be removed during the sale, provided such goods have been paid for in full with cleared funds.

Purchasers shall pay for and remove all goods won at their own expense and risk as soon as possible and in any event by 4pm the day after the sale. Any goods not paid for and removed by the purchaser by such time may be re-sold by the Auctioneers either by private treaty at any price or without reserve in their or any other auction room. A cheque for any balance of proceeds of re-sale remaining after deducting the balance of the purchase price payable by the purchaser and all other costs and expenses relating to the lots will be posted at the purchaser’s risk to the purchaser at his last known address. If the proceeds of re-sale are insufficient to cover the balance of the purchase price and all other costs and expenses the purchaser shall pay the amount of the deficiency forthwith on demand to the Auctioneer.

If the Auctioneer decide to store any goods or cause it to be stored whether at their own premises or elsewhere this will be at the sole expense of the purchaser and the goods will only be released after payment in full of the purchase price, the accrued costs of removal, storage and all other costs incurred in connection with the goods. The Auctioneer may also charge interest at a rate of 2% above the base rate of National Westminster plc from time to time on the purchase price to the extent it remains unpaid for more than seven days from the date of the sale.

The title in the goods shall not pass to the purchaser until he has paid the purchase price in full, but the goods shall be at the purchaser’s risk in all respects from the fall of the hammer. The Auctioneer shall be entitled to lien on any goods sold until the purchase price is paid in full by the purchaser and shall further be entitled to forfeit any money deposited in part payment, should full payment not be made within seven days.

Any damage done to the premises or to any goods or part of parts thereof by the purchaser shall be made good at the expense of the purchaser. Neither the Auctioneer nor it’s servants or agents shall after the fall of the hammer thereof be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, while any goods are in their custody or under their control.

The seller authorizes the Auctioneers to deduct commission of 15% from the purchase price. VAT will be applied to the commission only.

The Auctioneers shall remit the proceeds of the sale to the seller not later than 28 days after the auction.

Where a seller cancels instructions for the sale, the Auctioneers reserve the right to charge a fee of 10% of the Auctioneers’ then latest estimate of the auction price of the property withdrawn, plus VAT and storage.

Where any lot fails to sell, the Auctioneer will notify the seller accordingly. The seller will make arrangements either to re-offer the lot for sale or to collect the lot and pay commission at the rate of 5% of the reserve price. If such arrangements are not made: –

(i) Within seven working days of notification, the seller will be responsible for any removal, storage and insurance expenses.

(ii) Within three months of notification, the Auctioneers will have the right to sell the lot at public auction without reserve and to deduct from the purchase price any sum owing to the Auctioneers including removal, storage and insurance expenses, commission in respect of the first auction and commission on the sale at the second auction and all other reasonable expenses before remitting the balance to the seller.

Should the buyer of any goods be physically unable to collect then arrangements can be made using one of the following options; Delivery via our own vehicles, Royal Mail, Pallex or Fedex provided the purchaser pays the cost of such delivery. Whilst every effort will be made to pack all goods carefully, the seller must indemnify the Auctioneer against any loss or damage howsoever caused and will not hold the Auctioneer, it’s employees or its agents liable for any costs of replacement or reinstatement.

All buyers must register and be approved by the Auctioneer prior to placing any bids.
Packing & Shipping service is available, please enquire about shipping costs as they will vary depending on size & quantity of lots won and delivery destination.
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