Bankrupt Stock, Small Collectables, Items From Wish & General Items. UK Online Bidding Only. - 742 Lots

by Hanworth Auctions
25th Nov 2021 from 2pm GMT
Hanworth Auctions
Hanworth Auctions
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Sale Description:
Bankrupt Stock, Small Collectables, Items From Wish & General Items. UK Online Bidding Only.

Sale Dates:
25th November 2021 from 2pm GMT - (Lots 1 to 740)

Fees apply to the hammer price:

Free Registration
23% inc VAT*

Flat Fee Registration
20% inc VAT*

*These fees include buyers premiums and internet surcharges.
Please see the auctioneers terms & conditions for more information
The Auction acts as an agent for the seller. Goods for the Auction are accepted in good faith from the seller & all descriptions are the seller's responsibility.

All lots are sold as seen, so it is the buyer's responsibility to make up their own mind as to the age & authenticity of the said item, as no guarantee will be given.

Electrical items have not been tested by the Auction, even if shown working. Therefore their condition & safety cannot be guaranteed so should be tested by a qualified person.

The Auction will not be held personally liable for any default on the part of the buyer or seller.

Check that you have all your items on your ticket before you leave as mistakes cannot be rectified after this time.

Buying rates are 20% with min of £1

Lost luggage Auction terms and conditions

The luggage comes from all over the world, therefore we do not guarantee the authenticity of any items in the auction. It is up to you the buyer to draw your own conclusion. No refunds will be given.

please Note: It is the buyer's responsibility to make all necessary checks prior to bidding to establish if the device is blacklisted/ blocked/stolen.Please Note - No refunds will be given if a unit is sold and is subsequently discovered to be blacklisted or blocked etc.

The auction cannot be held responsible for any data or information found on laptops or phones or which network they may be on.

Customer Return Stock

This comprises of merchandise returned to a source company as being faulty or defective in some way which for any reason cannot be returned to the original manufacturer or merchandise which has suffered from accidental damage within the source companies distribution system. The merchandise may be damaged or it may simply be packaging damage, it could be part or incomplete items include multi-part merchandise where one or more components is missing. In general this category will include both damaged and perfect stock, no guarantee as to the breakdown of damage and perfect stock whether expressed or implied by law will attach to any such sale.
(i) That the name of any source company or of any associated firm or company or any trader mark belonging to any such firm or company will be removed by YOU from the merchandise or marked (ii) On no occasion will any catalog or other promotional literature belonging to any source company or its associated firms and companies be used in any way whatsoever in connection with the resale of the merchandise.
(iii) All the MERCHANDISE sold to YOU there under is sold without guarantee as to fitness for purpose and on the understanding that the purchaser will ensure that the goods are made safe and serviceable before re-sale. No warranty whether expressed or implied by law will attach to any such sale. It is the prerogative of a purchaser to inspect the merchandise offered for sale.
(iv) THE PURCHASER will indemnify from hanworth auctions and against any claims whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly from the resale of THE MERCHANDISE by THE PURCHASER
(v) no returns will be accepted from the purchaser, and no credit will be allowed for previously undiscovered defects, discrepancies in description or in quoted quantities.
(vi) no statement made by any person as to the quality or condition of any merchandise on offer is to relied upon for the purpose of making an offer to purchase.
(i) Any customer returning goods to any retail outlet of a source company in order to obtain a full refund will be liable for criminal prosecution.
All Catalogue Numbers or markings must be either crossed out with a permanent marker or obliterated from any and all cartons before re-sale. On no occasion will any catalogue or other promotional literature belonging to any catalogue or high street store be used in connection with the re-sale of any item, or be in view of or be left unattended in a public place where stocks are being sold by the trader or anybody acting on his behalf
There must be no use of the original SOURCE COMPANIES name or associated companies in any form for any reason in connection with the re-sale of stock.
Clearance / Liquidated Stock
We define our clearance stock, as stocks that have been liquidated from bankrupt businesses or from businesses looking to clear space in their warehouses to make space for new stocks. Although They are not sold as ‘brand new’, they are stocks believed to be in good condition, they have never been sold or sent to customers, but they have may been displayed in stores and therefore may have old pricing tickets or marks from these on the labels. It may suffer from soiled or damaged packaging and normal manufacturing defects. No warranty or guarantee whether expressed or implied is attached to any goods sold.
Shipping quotes can be provided on request; we can arrange delivery at a reasonable cost. Alternatively you can arrange your own shipment.

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure safe delivery of goods purchased it is recommended Clients arrange their own insurance if required, as the Auction House cannot be held responsible for any damage or lost of parcels that occurs while in transit. It is at the sole risk of the purchaser.Please get in touch if you would like to pay for insurance for you items
All items go out tracked
We charge £8 for small parcels up to 2kg £12 for parcels up to 12kg regardless to number of lots won. Posting is charged to you at the same cost as Parcel Force 48 charge us. Our aim is to keep your cost to a minimum and great care is take in all packaging.

We are not responsible once the Lot leaves our premises for its safe-keeping and in the event of any loss or damage in transit we are not responsible and you would have to take this up with the carrier. Please note that carriers usually do not carry insurance which covers the full value of goods carried and so you should carry insurance for any Lot in transit.
Invoicing will be sent out within 48 hours of the sale & this will include all shipping costs. Once payment is received & cleared, the package will be shipped out to you Costings for shipping are a combined time/materials/admin/postage charge.
Bigger items you could try

If items are paid for promptly after the sale, you should receive them around 7-10 days later.
If no payment is received to us within 5 days storage costs off £3 per day per item will occur & be billed to you.
If no payment is made we will ban you from all other sales
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