by B Frank & Son
7th Feb 2015 from 12pm GMT
B Frank & Son
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Sale Description:

Viewing from 9:30am, Sale starts 12:00pm

Accumulations 1-4
Antigua-Gibraltar 285-318
A-Z (Foreign) 5-138
Great Britain;
Great Britain 139-200
Hammered 319-331
SCRIPOPHILY, etc. 201-212
Milled, pre-decimal 332-379
Milled, decimal 380-383
Greece-U.S.A 384-459
Ancients 237-253
Medieval 254-265
Accumulations 266-284

We would like to draw your attention to the inevitable increases to our Buyers’ Premium, as well as Commission Rates for vendors and Postage Rates to successful bidders, which will be applied from sale No.93 in June 2015. These can be found under items 16 and 23 in the “Information and Conditions of Sale”, and also under “Postage Charges”. These increases have been a long time in coming but, unfortunately, have been eventually necessitated by the rising costs of venue hire, as well as the printing and posting of catalogues and the fees payable to our internet middlemen. We have endeavoured to keep them competitive, and you will find that they are still among the lowest in the business.

We sincerely hope that these marginal increases will not dampen your enthusiasm for collecting or discourage your continued and much-valued custom.

Finally, we would like to express our hope that you have all had an enjoyable Festive Season, and wish you all good health and happiness for the New Year.
Sale Dates:
7th February 2015 from 12pm GMT - NUMISMATIC AUCTION SALE No. 92 (Lots 1 to 558)

Fees apply to the hammer price:

Free Registration
21.6% inc VAT*

Flat Fee Registration
18% inc VAT*

*These fees include buyers premiums and internet surcharges.
Please see the auctioneers terms & conditions for more information

1. The highest bidder will be the buyer. If there is any dispute, the auctioneer’s decision will be final.
2. The auctioneer has absolute discretion to divide, combine or withdraw any lots and to refuse bids or regulate the bidding.
3. All lots are subject to any reserve price imposed by the seller and to the right of the seller to bid either personally or through any one person who may be the auctioneer.
4. All description and grading will be done by the auctioneers. Each lot is believed to be genuine, unless otherwise described. If any lot is not as described, the buyer may return it by insured post in its original condition within three days of receiving it.
5. Lots not fully described or graded will not be subject to the usual approval term and will not be returnable for refund.
6. Lots described with defects may not be returned by reason of that defect.
7. The auctioneers will only act as agents between the vendor and the purchaser and will not be responsible for disputes which arise between them.
8. Successful postal bidders will receive an account as soon as possible after the sale date. The full payment, including post and packing charges, should then be sent to the auctioneers, who will forward the lot(s) to the purchasers. Should any lots not be satisfactory they must be returned by insured post within three days of receiving them.
9. At the discretion of the auctioneers, cheques may be cleared before lots are sent to the purchaser.
10. Any person bidding for a third party shall be personally liable for any purchases.
11. Postal purchasers should send for lots immediately upon receiving their accounts. No approval time will be allowed for lots sent for after 5 days of receipt of accounts. If, after receiving their accounts, purchasers do not send for their lots within 10 days, any future bids may be disregarded, and the auctioneers will dispense with the lots without notice to the original purchaser.
12. Floor purchasers may pay for and collect their lots at any time during the sale. They must pay for and collect their lots no later than immediately after the sale.
13. By making a bid the buyer acknowledges his acceptance of these conditions.
14. We do not accept “BUY” bids.
15. Telephoned bids must be confirmed by letter, FAX or e-mail and the confirmation received by the sale date.
16. A buyers premium of 13.5% will be added to the sale price of each lot.
17. We offer an online bidding service via for bidders who cannot attend the sale.
18. Please observe the following bid steps:
£1 steps to £20
£2 steps from £20 to £100
£5 steps over £100, or at the discretion of the auctioneer
19. All postal bids will be considered as if the bidder were present. Each lot will be sold at the first step above the second highest bid, or at reserve, unless a bid from the floor exceeds this amount. If we receive two or more equal bids in the post, the first to arrive takes precedence.
20. Postal bidders may place a limit on their total purchases. If so, they must indicate their limit on the bidding form.
21. Payment in £ Sterling (GBP) is preferred. For overseas postal buyers without a Sterling account, credit card details or PayPal is the best way to remit. We will accept cheques in US$ drawn on a U.S.A. bank. All US$ cheques will be cleared before lots are sent to the purchaser. This takes approximately three weeks. We can accept cash in all Western European currencies and in U.S.A. and Canadian dollars. If you pay in currencies other than £’s Sterling, please add the equivalent of £10 for conversion charges. Some banks, e.g. in Middle East Countries, charge more, so please enquire.
22. All bids must be in £’s Sterling.
23. Our commission is 10% of the hammer price for single-item lots of British pre-decimal coins which have a value of £10 or more. For all other items our commission is 13.5% for items without a reserve and 17% for items with a reserve. 24. Catalogue references are as follows:
P = PICK, A. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, 3 volumes, latest editions.
Dug. = DUGGLEBY, V., English Paper Money, latest edition.
D (for banknotes) = DOUGLAS, J., 20th Century Scottish Banknotes, Vol. 1(1984); Vol. 2(1986); Vol. 3(1998).
M = PAM WEST & ALAN Kelley, Isle of Man Paper Money. 1st edition, 2014.
KM = KRAUSE & MISHLER, Standard Catalog of World Coins, latest editions.
Eimer = EIMER, C., British Commemorative Medals and Their Values. 2nd edn,. 2010.
D (for 19th Century Tokens) = DAVIS, W.J., The 19th Century Token Coinage.
S (for older British Coins) = Spink’s Coins of England and the U.K., current edition.
S (for Roman coins) = SEAR, D.R., Roman Coins and Their Values, latest editions.
S (for ancient Greek coins) = SEAR, D.R., Greek Coins and Their Values, Vols. I & II.
S (for Roman Provincial coins) = SEAR, D.R., Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values.
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Other catalogues used;
MWR = MEHILBA, World Replacement Notes, 1st edition, 2013
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F. Wilkinson, Badges of the British Army, 1820-1960, 3rd edition, 1978
The Banknote Yearbook, 9th edition, 2015. Token Publishing Ltd.

Additional references are used occasionally. These are given by the surname of the author of the catalogue or by an abbreviation of the surname, and should be obvious. If you are in doubt about the reference, please ask.
Postage charges.

1st Class - Minimum £1.50
Recorded (Signed For) - Minimum £3.00
Registered (Special Delivery) - Minimum £8.00
Overseas - At cost.
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