Check Out Busby's Bustling Auction on March 5th!

Monday 2nd March 2020 -


Check Out Busby's Bustling Auction on March 5th!

Busby's Auction house are holding their largest-ever auction this week, with a plethora of interesting lots!

On Thursday the 5th of March Busby's auction house in Bridport, Dorset, will hold its largest-ever sale, to include over 250 lots of toys.


The toys, to start at approximately 4:30 pm,  consist of several excellent collections of Dinky Toys and Hornby, many of which include original boxes in excellent condition. A tinprinted Bing Gauge Midland Railway Loco and Tender (lot 905, £100-£200) is one of the many model trains available on the day, with other manufacturers such as Triang, Gebruder Marklin and Mamod also making an appearance.


charming tinplated continental style train station by Gebruder Bing (lot 877, £70-£90) is one of the many tinplate items on offer, which range from a USSR clown in a zebra-drawn cart (lot 980, £30-£40) to a Carette style clockwork four funnel Ocean Liner (£40-£60).


An interesting selection of 19th-century marbles will be offered for sale, which showcases the intricacies of the period's glass blowing.


An antique carved ivory and ebony chess set (lot 1052, £100-£200) will be available, the set being a fine example of quality carving.


We are also pleased to offer an uncommon Victorian children's game, 'Richter's Anchor Box' (lot 1064, £70-£90), which utilises small stone building blocks and is understood to be a precursor to Lego.


A large selection of ephemera and other collectables will also be present, which range from collections of postcards to theatre brochures. An interesting item recently consigned is an original 1968 promotional brochure for Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey (lot 230, £15-£25), and a number of other classic film posters will be available on the day.