Where to Find Antique Treasures in the UK

Tuesday 15th February 2022 - Cara Bentham


Where to Find Antique Treasures in the UK

We take a look at some great places to find your next treasure!

There are more places than ever these days to find antique treasures, due in no small part to the internet. If you're a beginner who doesn't know where to start, or an experienced treasure hunter looking for new places to hunt, this short guide is for you. We reveal the best places to find antique treasures in the UK.

Charity shops & bric-a-brac stores

Bric-a-brac and charity shops are a favourite for many treasure hunters for several reasons. First, you never know what you may find there, and, secondly, you are more likely to grab a bargain here. Of course, the managers of such stores are savvy these days and do often pick up on items that might be valuable. They then utilise local antiques experts or the internet for valuations. However, some things do fall through the net and in these cases, you can walk away with a high-value item for a very low price.

Car boot sales

Car boot sales are a playground for treasure hunters for the same reasons charity shops are. In fact, your chances of grabbing a valuable item at a bargain price might even be higher here since you are dealing with a collection of individuals who may be unaware that what they're getting rid of could be valuable. However, you will have to get up at the crack of dawn to beat the treasure hunting competition!

Antique shops

While antique shops may not be as fun as searching for treasure amongst junk, they have their own advantages. Antique shops are packed to the brim with collectibles and antiques, so you are guaranteed to find interesting and valuable items here. However, you may not get so lucky with the pricing since you will be dealing with experts in this domain.

Antiques fairs

Antiques fairs have the same advantages as antiques shops but on a much larger scale. To the treasure hunter, it's hard to get a better day out than browsing row after row of delightful antiques stalls.

Auction houses

There's arguably no greater buzz for a treasure hunter than bidding in a live auction. Steeped in British tradition, auction houses themselves are something to be treasured. The great thing about auction houses is that they offer the opportunity to view the catalogued items in advance and ask any questions you may have. Auctions are exciting because you never know what the interest is going to be – you may just walk away with the item you want at a bargain price on the day.

Online auctions

Online auctions offer many of the benefits of auction houses but are enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Of course, if you live far away from where the auction house, you may not get the opportunity to physically view the items you're bidding on before you bid, but you can view pictures and contact the auction houses with any questions you may have. Online auctions have become increasingly popular in recent times as a safe way to continue bidding throughout the pandemic. Online auctions bring the buzz of the auction house to you, allowing you to bid live in sales held all over the world.

Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces can also be a treasure trove if you know what to look for. These are sites where individuals or dealers list and sell items for a fixed price or on auction-style listings (e.g. eBay). These can be great places to find hidden gems and sometimes grab a bargain too. Some are explicitly tailored to dealers selling their goods, which is akin to shopping in an antiques store but online. Others have listings for all kinds of second-hand items from all kinds of sellers, and these are more like shopping in a charity shop, except online.


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Now you know where to look for antique treasures in the UK; you can get hunting. Some of these options don't even require you to leave your house. We'd love to know what the best treasures you've found are and where you found them – get in touch and let us know!