Art Deco: A Geometric Gem

Wednesday 14th April 2021 - Belle Gait


Art Deco: A Geometric Gem

We take a look at the history of the Art Deco movement and some of the gorgeous Art Deco items going under the hammer in the next few weeks.

Art Deco is a specific style of art and architecture popular in Europe and the United States from 1920 to 1940. Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, was influenced by the machine age combining new materials like metal and plastic, with classical Greco-Roman design principles. The style features clean lines with geometric shapes. It often focuses on symmetry and sharp angles.


Art Deco was one of the international styles that replaced Art Nouveau. The style emerged from a desire to create modern, up-to-date furniture and decor , which could be more accessible to those who could not afford it at its beginnings. 


The movement originated in France before spreading all across Europe and North America. Architects such as Le Corbusier used this new artistic expression on their buildings which wealthy patrons like Coco Chanel often commissioned. 


Indeed, one of the most iconic design styles in history, Art Deco, depicted extravagance, style and energy. This creative movement was a nod to ancient times with clean lines and natural accents like jade or obsidian stones favoured by its Egyptian forebears. The magnetic trend permeated virtually all industries from architecture to advertising during this era which lasted until World War II started in 1939.


Though some people may say these designs are outdated, it's impossible to ignore that we can still find influence in much of today's fashion and style.


Vintage Art Deco jewellery, furniture and other items remain extremely popular. We see them come to auction very regularly, and varieties of striking Art Deco pieces can be seen in many homes.


What are the main aspects of the Art Deco Style? 

Art Deco Style is characterised by geometric shapes, the use of vibrant colours and lavish ornamentation. The main features are a strong sense of symmetry with interesting angles in every form, making it very eye-catching to look at! 


How can I accent my home with an Art Deco piece? 

A simple way to begin is by looking at your existing colour scheme and then adding accents such as Art Deco paintings, furnishings, or other decorative items. Mirrors are a fantastic way to add an Art Deco piece to a room. You could also bring some lighting into play, such as with a lampshade. Just remember, if you love it, that's all that matters!


Our auctioneers regularly have stunning pieces of Art Deco furniture, jewellery and other items. Let's have a look at just a few!


If furniture is your forte - This Art Deco style display cabinet might need a little TLC, but it could make an incredible talking piece in a room – it's consigned to the Cato Crane Auctioneers sale ending at 6 pm on 25th April. This pair of library chairs, Lot No 476 in the Harrisons Auction Rooms catalogue, is also going under the hammer on 25th April.


This fan-shaped mirror is Lot Not 118 in the Jubilee Auctions April Sale starting at 10 am on Wednesday 21st April. 


The Eastbourne Auctions 3-Day Sale also starts on Wednesday 21st April with several different Art Deco items up for sale, including this pineapple ice bucket, this Smiths peach glass clock and this opalescent glass fish paperweight.


If Art Deco jewellery is what makes you sparkle - the O'Reilly Auction Rooms catalogue has some stunning pieces consigned to their sale. This brooch and this sapphire and diamond ring are just two of the items. 


If pottery is more your poison – check out the Fieldings Auctioneers sale on 22nd April. They have several lots of beautiful Art Deco Myott Jugs from Lot 129 to Lot 133. This pair of Late Foley Shelley Japanese style vases are beautiful – they go under the hammer with Thomson Roddick Auctions on 6th May.


We have only listed a small amount of the multitude of Art Deco furniture, jewellery and décor going under the hammer in the next few weeks. You can register to bid live across each sale for a flat fee of just £3! There truly is a piece for every room; and of course, if there is something specific you are hunting for, you can set auction alerts, so you don't miss out on that perfect piece!