Single Owner Vintage Fishing Paraphernalia To Go Under The Hammer

Thursday 1st October 2020 -


Single Owner Vintage Fishing Paraphernalia To Go Under The Hammer

Find out all about the single owner collection of vintage fishing reels, rods, flies & various paraphernalia along with taxidermy that is going under the hammer with Purcell Auctioneers this month.



It is extremely rare to come across a meaningful collection of Antique Fishing Tackle in Ireland but it has happened and it really is something to be savoured.

This collection, going under the hammer with Purcell Auctioneers, belongs to a lovely gentleman, now retired in his 70’s, who has quietly gone about his passion of collecting good quality Fishing Reels, Rods, Flies, Lures and Assorted Paraphernalia over the last 40 years or so from auction rooms all over Ireland.

The auctioneer, Conor Purcell remembers as a teenager, the man coming to view his dad’s auctions, never attending the auctions in person, leaving his bids and returning only a short couple of days later to pay, collect and return home to store away his latest acquisitions.

Among the lots are of course a good mixture of Hardy Reels – Silex, Uniqua, Marquis, Perfect, St. George, Altex and Viscount with estimates ranging from €50 to €400.  

There are also a couple of Enright’s of Castleconnells (Co. Limerick) with estimates from €100 to €250.

One item which is really catching attention is Lot 49 which is a most unusual Mayfly holder made from a carved animal horn in the form of a fish. This unique item is estimated at €80 to €120

Again, in amongst the rods you will find the names of Hardy, Shakespeare, Boag, Cummins, Walker, Whitty etc. all with very reasonable estimates of €80 to €250.

Also, in keeping with the sporting theme there is a collection of Taxidermy with a fantastic example of a Tarpon, caught in the Gulf of Mexico in 1899. There is an Alligator skin, Leopard skins, Buffalo Horns etc. etc. A very nice painted bronze of a Tiger with an Austrian foundry mark carries an estimate of €1,000 to €2,000. There is also an unusual collection of Antique Brass Cartridge Making Tools.

The sale which is expected to draw bidders from around the world kicks off at 10am on 14th October and consists of 200 lots, you can view the full catalogue here.