Give Greener Gifts This Christmas with Easy Live Auction.

Saturday 8th December 2018 - Della Bentham


Give Greener Gifts This Christmas with Easy Live Auction.

Give gifts with a difference this year by buying at auction.

Do you still have presents to buy, people, to tick off the Christmas list over the next couple of weeks? Christmas shopping can be an exhausting and stressful experience. Do you often end up stuck for ideas and buy gifts you know will end up stuck at the back of a cupboard only to be donated or re-gifted over the coming months?


Why not consider giving a greener gift this year? Something that won’t be forgotten and expend more Co2 in its production?


Christmas is all about the ones we love, over the years it has been commercialised, with pressure to get the latest gadgets, adverts shoved down our throats for new toys, perfumes, technology and the likes. But, this year could be different, with a little thought and care, giving the gift of something vintage or antique could light up faces and fill hearts with joy.


You see, buying gifts for the sake of buying gifts means Christmas loses a little of its sparkle, but truly thinking about people, and showing the thought has gone into a little something helps to bring the magic back. Presents bought with thought and care are more likely to be treasured and less likely to be disposed of, they’ll be looked at year after year and bring a smile to the recipient’s face because they will remember how it felt when they were given it.


Our website is bursting with items that need a new home, items that suit all different budgets and every type of person. From trinkets to statement pieces of furniture, jewellery to art and all that’s in-between.


Silver, for example, is a fantastic thing to look for. There’s jewellery, candlesticks, photo frames, unique lighters, pocket watches, lights, bowls and so much more. Click here to take a look at all of the silver available with our auctioneers at the moment.




We make it easy to find truly unique gifts that will stand apart from the usual toiletry sets, socks and pants. The search function on our website allows you to search for things you know your friends and family will love. If they love a specific animal, elephants, for instance, you can type 'elephant' into the search bar and be shown all the things containing elephants. Do they love Star Wars? Again, type it into the search bar and see what you can find. 


Buying at auction can help to reduce your carbon footprint and give gifts that will be loved and remembered for many years. Simply think about the things that your loved ones like, something that reminds you of them or perhaps even a childhood toy they always wanted and never received. Show them how much you know them this Christmas with a gift that speaks volumes