iPad, iPhone and Android Users Bid Live

Tuesday 19th November 2013 - Jonathan Burnside


iPad, iPhone and Android Users Bid Live

Thanks to the Puffin Web Browser App, iPad, iPhone and Android Device Users Are Now Able to Bid Live

What is Puffin Web Browser App?
Put simply this app, which is availabe from the App Store and Google Play, is an internet browser that allows you to surf the internet. However what makes this browser different from others available for iPad, iPhone and Android is that it supports Adobe Flash, which is required to bid live. Until now if you wanted to bid live you had to use a laptop, desktop or another mobile device that supported Adobe Flash.

  For iPad and iPhoneFor Android
Try Puffin Web Browser for free, it comes with 2 weeks Adobe Flash support.

  For iPad and iPhone For Android
This version is a paid for app, priced under £4 in the App Store and Google Play and comes with unlimited Adobe Flash support.