How to Create a Maximalist Interior

Thursday 8th August 2019 - Della Bentham


How to Create a Maximalist Interior

Bored of minimalism? We take a look at how to create a maximalist space.


The majority of us have heard the expression minimalism, it’s the concept of living in simplicity, reducing the number of material possessions and expenditure and embracing a simplistic approach to living.


A quick Google search of ‘what is minimalism’ shows this;


“Minimalism is all about living with less. This includes less financial burdens such as debt and unnecessary expenses. ... For many minimalists, the philosophy is about getting rid of excess stuff and living life based on experiences rather than worldly possessions.”


Minimalism emerged in the mid 20th Century as an art form. It was characterised by the simplicity of form which translated into art such as paintings, sculpture and even the furniture that defines the era. For decades this was the favoured aesthetic, but its opposition, maximalism is starting to step out from the shadows.


What is maximalism

Some feel that maximalism is an excuse to embrace clutter, but this is not the case. Maximalism is about comfort, a vibrant mix of tones, mediums and materials coming together to create a unique and inspiring interior space. It allows people to show their personality, their hobbies, interests, collections and so on in a home that immortalises them. 


While minimilism embraces the ‘less is more’ ethos, maximalist spaces tell a story with colour, material, texture and objects. These spaces say ‘look at me’ and show the character of the person who created it. More likely to belong to an extrovert, maximalist interiors are heavier on the eye, bold, bright and eye-catching, they tantalise the senses of sight and touch and offer comfort and joy to the person that created them.


The feeling of warmth and comfort is apparent in a maximalist space, which can bring together different styles in design, embracing furniture, textiles and art from different eras, showcasing passions and collections.


Maximilism is more marmite than minimilism, which although bland is inoffensive to all. Some find the maximalist taste ‘too much,’ heavy on colour and material objects it may even come across as slightly offensive to some. But, we are all unique, if we weren’t the world would be a boring place.


How do I create a maximalist space?

  • Search auctions, charity shops and car boot sales for some eye-catching pieces of furniture. Items that are scratched or have damage could be painted to complement the colours of your space.
  • Look for art and accessories that can decorate walls, shelves and furniture.
  • Soft furnishings are key to adding comfort, look for rugs, cushions and window coverings that complement and add texture. 
  • Find plants to add to the colour and depth of the room.
  • Use items that mean something to you, photos, art, objects that bring back memories to help tell a story, show cultural influences and hobbies such as music, books and even collections.
  • Think outside the box, the beauty of maximalism lies in unlikely pairings that really help tie everything together in a strange and unexpected way.


Easy Live Auction is a fantastic place to start looking for pieces to create your very own maximalist space. Just use the search function to begin your journey.