Top 3 Reasons to Buy Preowned Items at Auction

Friday 21st October 2022 - Cara Bentham


Top 3 Reasons to Buy Preowned Items at Auction

Looking for even more reasons to buy at auction? Here's our top three!

Auctions are full of weird and wonderful items, most of which have been preowned and used by others before you. Whether you're searching for homeware, jewellery, gifts, collectibles or something else, there's a good chance you can find what you need in our auction listings.

If you're looking for antique and vintage items, you won't be disappointed, but there are plenty of contemporary finds to be had, also. There are many good reasons to buy preowned items at auction, but here are our top three.


1. Sustainable living 

Buying preowned items is good for the environment. As more and more of us invest in used goods instead of buying new, it reduces the endless need for manufacturing new things. Producing goods uses a lot of resources, putting a strain on the natural environment, especially as global populations rise. 

Buying preowned items also saves them from going to landfill, which is wasteful and damaging to the Earth. Buying and selling items at auction can be seen as a form of recycling. As more of us turn to this style of shopping, it promotes a more sustainable way of life. 

So, next time you want new items for your home, why not check the auction listings to see if you can find what you need there? In addition to doing your bit for the planet, you may be surprised to find unique items you couldn't get anywhere else! 


2. Money saving 

Buying preowned items at auction can help you save a lot of money over time. Often viewed as a place where rare and valuable antiques are bought and sold, auctions are not always thought of as a place to go bargain hunting. However, a quick browse through some of our online auction catalogues will show you that most items are not listed with high estimates. 

There are many useful, everyday items sold at auction alongside valuable treasures. Auctions are a great place to hunt for the things you want and need if you're looking to save money during this cost-of-living crisis. The great thing is that you only bid as much as you want to pay for an item and may find you get it much cheaper than you expected!  


3. Investing for the future 

Auctions are the perfect place to go if you are keen to get into the wonderful world of buying and selling antiques and collectibles as an investment route. Buying preowned items at auction can help you build a collection which might grow in value over time.

The great thing about buying collectibles at auction is that there is often no fixed price. While you may find prices to be a bit steep when buying from antique shops, fairs or private sellers, auctions often provide greater scope for securing great investment pieces at a bargain price. 

There has been a growing trend in buying antiques and collectibles as investment pieces as people look for alternative ways to invest for the future. Why not get in on the action and browse our wide range of lots from various auctioneers? 

If you've never considered buying preowned items at auction, now's the perfect time to try. With the rising cost of living and ever-growing concern for the environment, you could find auction shopping brings many benefits.