Buy & Sell from Home During Lockdown With Stamford Auction Rooms

Wednesday 13th May 2020 - Cara Bentham


Buy & Sell from Home During Lockdown With Stamford Auction Rooms

Stamford Auction Rooms have innovated to keep their auctions running during lockdown.

Whilst many businesses have had no choice but to grind to a halt during the Covid-19 crisis, some have found innovative ways to keep going. By embracing technology and thinking outside the box, Stamford Auctions Rooms have found a way to adapt to the challenge social distancing puts on auction houses and keep their hammer coming down, even in lockdown.

Those for whom the auctions were an integral part of life before will be pleased to know that they can still enjoy the buzz of buying and selling without leaving the safety of their homes.

If you are stuck at home with little to keep you busy, this is a great time for a clear out. Why not go on a treasure hunt to see what valuables and antiques you have stored away that bring in some extra cash? For many people, being able to sell some of their things has been a lifeline during this time when incomes have reduced for so many. Director of Stamford Auction Rooms, Jessica Wall, noted that: “a vendor from the online auction on the 28th March who is self-employed, cannot work, and has no financial help currently emailed me after the auction to say how grateful they were for me raising over £850 from bits of jewellery they did not wear anymore”.

This got Jessica thinking about how she could continue to provide a service to many of her other customers. She realised she could accept entries via post, enabling people to still sell their items whilst maintaining social distancing. Many times, it’s the most unlikely items that turn out to have the greatest value so, if you want to find out what your items might be worth, you can get a free email valuation by contacting her at The postal service is ideal for those small items that many people have lying around their homes, such as jewellery, coins, and collectibles. You never know what treasure you might have stored away so get rummaging!

As well as earning a bit of extra cash, you will also be doing your bit for a very worthwhile cause, since Stamford Auction Rooms will be donating 50% of the commission from this venture to the NHS which continues to do a great service to the country during this challenging time and alongside ongoing budgetary pressure.

If you are looking to add to your collections or grab a bargain, the next online auction by Stamford Auction Rooms will be on 30th May 2020 at 10am. You can browse the lots and register to bid online here.