10 Toys from Your Childhood That Could Be Worth Money

Friday 30th August 2019 - Della Bentham


10 Toys from Your Childhood That Could Be Worth Money

We take a look at 10 childhood favourites of days gone by that you could cash in on...

Image from Whitmore Rare Books

We’ve said it many times before, but we will reiterate it; nostalgia sells!

Because of this, many seemingly ordinary items from our childhoods could actually be worth something today. Now’s the time to get digging through your parent’s attics and cash in. We take a look at 10 popular childhood items of 80’s and early 90’s babies that could earn you some extra cash.

Original Furbies

Originally released in the nineties, these crazy critters were a popular childhood toy, despite no-one understanding the random furbish gibberish they spoke. While new Furby models are available in toy stores, the originals can fetch anything between £20 and £200! Definitely worth digging out if you have them lying around.

Original Polly Pocket

The original Bluebird Toys version of this popular girls toy rather than the Mattel versions are the ones that are worth the money. If you somehow managed to keep it all intact and not lose the teeny tiny little dolls then you could be in for a surprise with prices of between £15 and £225 achievable for this small plastic playset.

Barbie & Action Man

These classic figures have truly stood the test of time and are still popular among youngsters today. Both Barbie & action man have man variants, with different accessories and clothes to complement their many career choices. In fact, the clothes can be just as popular as the dolls themselves. Vintage Barbie dolls can fetch between £5 and £500 while classic action man figures can sell for between £10 and £600!

Original Pokemon Cards

Pokémon has had a resurgence in recent years, with a new wave of merchandise, games and even a Pikachu movie, but the original cars can command high prices! Rare original Pokémon cards can reach quadruple figures if in immaculate condition with some selling for around £1,500!

Original Trolls

Trolls are another nineties sensation that went through a revival and got refreshed this Century with the release of the Trolls movie. But they were actually released back in the 1960s. Some of the original and 90s dolls are highly in demand, as with most toys some a far rarer than others and condition is key but some of these crazy-haired dolls have sold for around £200!

My Little Pony

My Little Ponies have also stood the test of time and have been on sale for decades now. Rare ponies from the 80s and 90s can reach up to £300 in good condition, which is a good reason to start digging through those attics.

First Edition Where the Wild Things Are Book

This well-loved children’s story had managed to rack up worldwide sales of 19 million copies ten years ago. It’s still popular with children today who enjoy the story of Max who visits a mysterious jungle inhabited by strange creatures. First published in 1963 an immaculate un-ripped first edition managed to sell for £25,000!

Nintendo NES

Games consoles seem to have a relatively short shelf life these days. We are now on our 4th release of the Sony PlayStation with a new one imminently ready to launch. Back in the mid-eighties and early nineties playing video games was a very different affair. Consoles had cartridges and the early models couldn’t even save games, meaning you had to complete the levels in one go! The original Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES for short is iconic and still popular among collectors and nostalgia hunters. Released in 1985 one of these bad boys in good condition with box, inserts, accessories and games can reach between £100- £450.


The final toy on the list is the almost immortal Lego. Over the years there have been many playsets and models to build in the iconic brick toy with generations of fans worldwide. Pieces of Lego are small and often easily lost, so complete and boxed vintage sets in good condition have actually had their prices rocket more than gold in recent years, making them a pretty sound investment! Sets can sell for hundreds, one seller on eBay is currently auctioning their entire for collection for the hefty fee of £18,000!