Unreleased John Lennon Recording Sold In Denmark

Tuesday 5th October 2021 - Belle Gait


Unreleased John Lennon Recording Sold In Denmark

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A cassette tape recording made over 50 years ago by then schoolboy, Karsten Hoejen and three friends has sold at auction in Copenhagen. 


Just months before The Beatles announced their break-up, four Danish teenagers, including Karsten Hoejen, set out to meet the famous musician and interview him for their school newspaper. Predominately interested in John Lennon and Yoko Ono's peace campaigns, they set off to Thy in the far northwest of Denmark, where the couple had come to spend time with Kyoko, Yoko Ono's daughter. She lived in the area with her father.


The visit by the musical pair initially went relatively unnoticed; however, word got around, and a news conference was subsequently held.


The self-proclaimed "hippie", Hoejen, and his three school chums persuaded a teacher to allow them to go to the news conference, and they managed to secure a lift to the venue; however, they were thwarted by a snowstorm. "It took a long time because of the snow and icy roads," recalls Mr Hoejen. "As we arrived, everyone was leaving." Despite being late, the four schoolboys and a few other tardy journalists were invited to stay. 


Clutching a borrowed cassette recorder and microphone, 16-year-old Hoejen taped the meeting while his friend Jesper Jungersen photographed it. The "very cosy" meeting saw Lennon and Ono joined by Kyoko, her father, Anthony Cox and his wife, Melissa.


War was still raging in Vietnam; John and Yoko had famously staged high-profile peace protests from their bed.


The tape hears John Lennon asked, "But how do you think that people like me can help you with making peace around the world?" 

"Imitate what we do," he responds. "Think, What can I do locally?'"


The couple joined in a Danish tradition of dancing around a Christmas tree before Lennon, guitar in hand, sang Give Peace a Chance. They also performed a rendition of a short song called Radio Peace, which was written for a radio station. However, the station never opened.


"To our knowledge the only place where this song exists is on our tape." said Mr Hoejen.


It took decades before Karsten realised he was in possession of a precious item and secured it in a bank vault. 


The vintage cassette went under the hammer at an auction house in the Danish capital of Copenhagen earlier this week. The item was sold to an anonymous buyer for £43,000, which works out over £1000 for every minute of the 33-minute recording! The cassette was sold along with an original copy of the school newspaper and 23 photographs taken by Jasper Jungersen.


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