Beloved Star Wars Collection Goes To Auction

Thursday 23rd March 2023 - Belle Gait


Beloved Star Wars Collection Goes To Auction

After a life of peddling beloved toys, a toy shop owner, who passed away in 2022, has left his treasured collection of Star Ways toys and collectables to two loving daughters to auction.

The March 29 sale starts at 9.30 am and will see the collection, expected to exceed £5,000, go under the hammer with Richard Winterton Auctioneers at The Tamworth Auction Rooms. The auction has items ranging from original Kenner and Palitoy figures and approximately 50 original figures in seal blister packs, including Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Boba Fett and Princess Leia.

The late owner's daughter told Express and Star, "My dad was a big kid at heart and loved his toys," "Dad was a massive Star Wars fan and we have loved it all our lives as well. He was very proud of his Star Wars things and he had them for 40 years. "When we were little, we certainly weren't allowed to play with these ones – it was look but don't touch!
"When he was diagnosed with cancer he told us he wanted to auction them because he wanted his daughters to have the money."


 What sets this Sealed Palitoy Star Wars Trilogo 'Return of the Jedi' Tusken Raider is that it is still in its original packaging and has never been opened. The packaging is in excellent condition, with vibrant colours and clear graphics, and the figure is visible through a clear plastic window on the front of the box. This level of preservation is rare for vintage action figures and adds to the collectable value of the item.

This boxed Kenner Star Wars 'THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK' Boba Fett is a highly collectible item for Star Wars fans and vintage toy collectors alike. The figure was released by Kenner in 1980 as part of their second series of Star Wars action figures based on 'The Empire Strikes Back' film. 


Lot No 129 is this Palitoy Star Wars Radio Controlled R2-D2, a vintage toy that was released in the 1980s and has since become a highly sought-after item for Star Wars collectors. This remote-controlled R2-D2 is modelled after the beloved astromech droid from the original Star Wars trilogy and stands approximately 9 inches tall. 

Auctioneer Ben Winterton said: "It is a wonderful collection which will enthral Star Wars fans. With original Kenner and Palitoy figures it is the hidden detail that really adds value, from the picture on the front and how many figures are displayed on the reverse of the cardback. "One example is the 'tri logo' card. Towards the end of the original run, figures for the market in Europe came out with the font of the cardback displaying three logos in English, French, and Spanish.

"Condition is also key and you can see that this collection has been absolutely treasured."

You can check out the entire collection and register to bid across the full sale here