The Most Expensive Jewellery Ever Auctioned

Saturday 11th November 2017 - Mark Sapani


The Most Expensive Jewellery Ever Auctioned

The worlds largest pink diamond, the Pink Raj will go under the hammer with Sotheby's next week with an estimate of around £23 million. We take a look at the most expensive jewellery ever sold at auction.

We saw in the news this week that the world’s largest pink diamond, the Pink Raj will be auctioned next week in Geneva. The 37 Carat diamond is expected to fetch up to £23 million! This fine example of the Pink Raj is also thought to be the biggest diamond of its kind.


Interestingly enough, pink diamonds are amongst the world’s rarest diamonds. For this reason, they tend to fetch the most at auction. The Pink Star is the most sought after fetching a whopping £54m when it went to auction.


The Pink Raj as it is known is comparable in price to the diamond known as the sweet Josephine which fetched £21.69m when it went under the hammer in 2015.


Top 5 most expensive auctioned jewellery:


Seeing this news got us thinking, what the most expensive jewellery ever auctioned was. We give a breakdown of the 5 most expensive pieces of jewellery in auction history. From Sotheby’s auction hammer to Christies.


  1. Square Oppenheimer Blue Diamond Ring:


The first and most expensive piece of jewellery ever to go under the hammer was the 14.62 carat square Oppenheimer blue diamond ring.


This glorious ring went under the hammer for £44 million in 2016 and is the second highest piece of jewellery to sell at auction. This diamond was named after Sir Philip Oppenheimer of De Beers.


  1. Unique Pear Shaped Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond Ring:


This pear shaped unique pink diamond went under the hammer at Sotheby’s for a generous £24 million. This diamond has some wonderful aspects which make it unique, such as its transparency. The pink colour of the diamond a result of the enormous amount of pressure they go through to be formed.


  1. Cullinan Dream Blue Diamond Ring:


The generic name given to all diamonds of colour is the ‘Fancy Colour Diamonds’. These eye-catching examples really stand out, making it easy to understand why they command such high prices. Blue diamond’s display that blue hue due to the amount of Boron present in the Jewel. This year the Cullinam Dream which comes in at a whopping 24.18ct, set in a platinum ring with side stones sold for £19.3 million!



  1. Sunrise Ruby Ring:


Weighing in at an impressive 25.59ct the Sunrise Ruby ring sold for £23 million at Sotheby’s in Geneva, showing Ruby’s pack a punch in the world of jewels. This diamond is blood red in appearance exquisitely mounted on a Cartier ring. The sunrise ruby was part of the Magnificent and Noble Jewels sale at Sotheby’s Geneva.


  1. Oval Cut Burmese Ruby Ring:


Last but not least, is the oval-cut Burmese ruby ring, which fetched £11.1 million at auction with Christies. This dazzling jewel is the most expensive jewel to ever be sold on US soil. The unique design mounted on a Cartier ring with gold strips attaching it makes this jewel deserving of its grand price tag.


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