Happy Birthday to the Telephone

Thursday 7th March 2019 - Della Bentham


Happy Birthday to the Telephone

The telephone was patented on this day in 1876, we take a walk down memory lane with some telephones going under the hammer.

On this day in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone. Back then he probably couldn’t imagine how integral to people’s lives this device would become, or how much it would change over the years.


Ten or fifteen years ago, the landline telephone was a staple in people’s homes, it was the way we used to communicate. Nowadays if it rings its likely to be a telemarketer, anyone you want to speak to would call your mobile.


Over the years the design and technology inside telephones changed, making them more user-friendly and clearer sounding, as well as changing with passing fashions. Telephone designs can evoke many a nostalgic memory of childhood or youth and show your age. We take a look at some of the nostalgia-inducing phones available on our website below. 


  This trio of mid-late Century telephones will certainly bring back memories for many. As a child, the one in the middle was the device behind many a long evening phone call with my friends, hanging up just before the hour and redialling to keep the calls free.  These phones are going under the hammer with Dickins Auctioneers on Saturday 9th March. Click here to view them
  This telephone is a little more unusual. Constructed of bakelite it has three buttons along the top of it. The phone is marked Etabliss ts Byrgunder No. 08853 and has modern connectors. The rotary classic rotary dial shows its age. This telephone goes under the hammer with Kent Auction Galleries on Saturday 9th March. Click here to take a better look. 
  This telephone is a genuine antique, older than the rest of our items here. One of the earliest models of telephone, this wall phone has an earpiece which is held to the ear with a microphone in the central wooden compartment and a hand crank on the right. This model was created by the United Telephone Company with a blake transmitter, which was the first successful telephone microphone. This goes to auction with Taylors Auctions on Saturday 9th March. Click here to view the phone
  As technologies progressed and telephone electronics became smaller, manufacturers started creating novelty phones. From your favourite Disney character's, fast food or even transparent models to phones like these sexy red lips. This fun phone was created by Telemania and goes to auction with Busby today. Click here to view
  This little retro number comes in a colour very popular in its day. The trim line handset would have been the sleek design of choice in many mid-century households. Being that retro is 'in' right now, this little telephone could see a new lease of life in an authentic mid-century designed home, or perhaps, even a prop in a TV series or movie? This phone is going under the hammer with Ottery Auction Rooms on Saturday 9th March. Click here to take a look
  While most more modern telephones are made from plastic, this antique telephone is constructed from Brass making it stand out from the rest of this list. The braided fabric cording also showing its age. This model also has a rotary dial, handheld earpiece and microphone attached to the main section of the phone. This telephone will be auctioned on March 25th by Milltown Country Auction Rooms. You can take a look at the listing here
  For the Millenials among us, this classic Nokia 3210 will bring back more memories than any of the above. Many a day would have been spent playing snake on this sleek handset with a battery that lasted days or changing the fascias to reflect their true style. They certainly don't make them like they used to. This boxed BT Cellnet branded version goes to auction with Hazy Maes Auctions tomorrow (Friday, March 9th). Click here to bid LIVE for just £3

Which telephone brought back memories for you? You can take a look at all of the telephones available on Easy Live Auction by clicking here