Tips for Incorporating Antiques Into Your Modern Home

Saturday 9th January 2021 - Belle Gait


Tips for Incorporating Antiques Into Your Modern Home

We explore some tips to blend these two styles of decor together.

Love your modern home with all its technological advances, gizmos and gadgets but would LIKE to incorporate some timeless antique pieces into the mix? Have you discovered upcycling or restoration during lockdown and want to display some of your work? Perhaps you’ve inherited an old clock and have no idea where to put it?

I’m sure many people would agree that blending antiques into a modern home can be tricky. Too much and the result will be overwhelming and appear cluttereed and haphazard. Too little and the desired effect will be lost in comparison to the modern items.

So how do we go about getting antiques to fit seamlessly in a modern home. Here we look at some top tips for choosing the right items and finding creative ways to add them to your existing modern décor.


  • Try blending the two looks together by placing an antique item on a modern surface or perhaps a modern lamp on an antique table such as this triangular drop leaf table. consigned to the Burstow and Hewett Sale on 20th January. 


  • Allow your modern and antique pieces to be connected by a common thread. Whether that is a similar material, for example use a combination or old and nwe leather , using the same colour or perhaps a repeated pattern. This repetition creates a link between pieces that may otherwise not seem to go together.


  • Choose a few statement pieces. Unless you're an avid antiques aficiando the general ratio for blending antiques into a modern home is 80/20 – make that 20% count with something like this beautiful gilt metal mantle clock consigned to the Gerrards Auctioneers Sale on 21st.
  • Lighting is a great way to combine the old with the new. Consider a stunning Art Deco chandelier such as this one in the Burstow and Hewett Sale on 20th January – an item such as this can effortlessly create a central focal point. 
  • Like lighting, mirrors can not only be used to create the illusion of space in a room, adding an antique gilt mirror can reflect the existing light as well as addin g a huge amount of character.
  • Upcycling and repurposing are amazing ways of taking a stunning antique item and incorporating it into an otherwise modern room. Added to which, the bragging rights of saying 'I did that' are priceless. Consider something like this Antique pine dressing table consigned to the Burstow and Hewett 3-Day Sale on 20th January - it could be turned into a true speaking point of a room and blended with your exisitng decor and colour scheme.


It may not be to everyone's taste but most people will agree that a tastefully placeed antique item or two can enhance and improve the decor of most modern homes. So whether you choose a stunning chandelier or an antique rug - remember to set your auction alerts here so that you can be notified when the perfect items get consigned!