Gift Giving: Extravagant and Beyond

Friday 4th June 2021 - Belle Gait


Gift Giving: Extravagant and Beyond

If you are still searching for inspiration for Father's Day gifts have a look of the most expensive gifts ever given and their counterparts available through our auctioneers.

The sun is shining, beaches are heaving and Father’s Day is just around the corner (less than 3 weeks if you’re not paying attention)! I don’t know how you fare but I struggle every year to find that perfect gift that isn’t just a pair of socks, or a heat changing mug! Sometimes I hit gifting gold but I often sit for days trying to brainstorm something new.


Still searching for inspiration? Check out some of the most extravagant gifts ever given and their slightly more humble counterparts!


  1. King Abdullah’s Gift to President Obama

Just before he died in 2014, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, who was King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, gave the then president, Barack Obama and his family a plethora of gifts, not least of which was a white gold watch estimated at over $60,000. With all the extravagant gifts totalling over 1 million dollars; it’s a pity they could never be worn by the Obamas. The gifts were accepted to avoid offending the King and causing a cultural snafu; however, they were later handed over to the National Archives and Records Administration as per US protocols.


If a king’s jewels are just a bit out of your price range – what about this Alpina gold plated engine turned hunting cased watch



  1. A Super Yacht

Imagine having a yacht named after you. Anil Ambani, an Indian business tycoon bought a superyacht named 'Tian' for his wife Tia in 2008. Nicknamed the "Rolls Royce of the Waters", it was one of the most expensive yachts of its type in the world. The gift was reportedly worth over £59 million.


If you need a yacht slightly less super – check out this vintage pond yacht



  1. Taj Mahal

Possibly one of the most famous gifts of all time is that given by Shah Jahan, the Mughal ruler to wife. According to Forbes he spent the equivalent of over £580 million in modern money. The construction of the Taj Mahal took more than 22 years and over 20,000 artisans.


If you don't feel you have two decades to spend creating the perfect gift then why not check out this Lego Taj Mahal set?



  1. Chanel Bicycle


When Courtney Cox went hunting for a birthday present for her Friend co-star Jennifer Aniston in 2008. She decided upon a $12000 Chanel bicycle. One of only 50 produced, and featuring signature saddlebags and quilted leather trim, it was the perfect present for her friend who was keen to start cycling.


If he loves cycling but Chanel isn’t his style – check out this desk model of a Penny Farthing!



  1. Bombardier Challenger 85 Jet


Beyonce and Jay-Z are well known for fabulous gift giving; but certainly top of the list might be an actual jet!! The Bombardier Challenger 85 was given to Jay-Z for Father’s Day in 2012. This was just after their first child, Blue Ivy, was born.


If he doesn’t have the space for a full sized version what about this Boeing 747 Friction Toy Plane?




While extravagant multi-million pound gifts may not be on the agenda for the dad in your life; we make it easy with our search function to find anything you may be looking for! Create your account and get started spoiling the amazing fathers in your life!