Five Retro 1980s Toys You Probably Owned That Are Worth Money Today

Monday 12th September 2022 -


Five Retro 1980s Toys You Probably Owned That Are Worth Money Today

Decluttering or Car Booting? Keep an eye out for these treasures.

1980s nostalgia has recently become popular, helped by TV shows like Stranger Things. If you grew up in the Eighties, you probably owned some of these toys and games that are now worth money. These five retro 1980’s toys are just some of the most popular items from the decade that you just might have kept from your childhood. 


Dungeons and Dragons

Although the game was initially released in the 1970s, Dungeons and Dragons gained most of its popularity in the 80s. If you’re a Stranger Things fan, you will be familiar with D&D whether you grew up in the 80s or not, as the game features heavily in the series as a favourite hobby of the young characters. 

Only 1000 of the original boxed sets of Dungeons and Dragons were produced in 1974; due to this, mint copies can sell for £4000 or more. If you have original figures, cards, books and dice from the 1970s and 80s, they could be worth a few hundred pounds today. 


Atari Console

While we’re all still familiar with Xbox and Playstation as household names, those who grew up in the 80s will remember the popular console that came before them: Atari. Original Atari consoles can fetch hundreds of pounds today. If you have some original Atari games stashed away, you could be sitting on a small fortune. In 2012, a copy of the 1982 Air Raid game sold for a massive £27,000! 


Cabbage Patch Dolls

First launched in the UK in 1983, Cabbage Patch Dolls quickly became a must-have item on many kids’ Christmas lists. The demand for these distinctive dolls, with their round faces and woollen hair, meant that many stores had long waiting lists for the item. 

Versions of the cabbage patch doll are still available for purchase today, but if you have original dolls in pristine condition, they could be worth good money. The rarest cabbage patch dolls, such as Teresa Ann or Anne Greta, can fetch as much as £2000 in good condition! 


Sony Walkman

The release of the Sony Walkman portable cassette player represented the beginning of the mobile electronics revolution at the very end of the 1970s. Given recent appearances in hit shows such as Stranger Things and Guardians of the Galaxy, nostalgia for the original Sony Walkman is growing. 

Although technology has moved on considerably since the Walkman, which was capable of playing just one cassette tape album at a time, nothing encapsulates music nostalgia quite like it. If you have an original Sony Walkman in good condition, it could be worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds today. 


Care Bears

Care Bears were created by a greetings card company in 1981, with the loveable toys quickly gaining a level of popularity that has lasted the test of time. Children enjoyed Care Bears in the form of TV shows, books and, of course, delightful plush toys. 

While some toys may not be worth so much today, special limited edition plush Care Bears can sell for more than £1000. The most prized bear amongst collectors is Nobleheart, which has been known to sell for between £600 and £1000. If you have a rare or special edition Care Bear in your possession, its value will be significantly affected by the condition. Items in the original packaging fetch the most, while value is diminished by damage such as fading fur and scratches on the eyes. 


Did you keep any of these items from your childhood? They could fetch a few hundred, or even thousands, of pounds if sold today. If you hold onto them, they could continue to increase in value as more time passes. Just keep them in the best possible condition by storing them securely out of direct sunlight or risk of damage.