Retro Video Games Are Having a Resurgence

Monday 26th February 2018 - Della Bentham


Retro Video Games Are Having a Resurgence

Retro video games and consoles are becoming collectable, with the value for some rare games reaching into the thousands. We take a look here...


Retro video games are having somewhat of a resurgence, as with most things that see their second day in the sun, nostalgia plays a huge part.


Remembering more carefree days of yesteryear, spent playing on early video games from the likes of Nintendo & Sega brings back happy memories for many. Do you remember the thrill of beating Bowser and saving the princess on Super Mario? Having saved up lives and ensuring you had the best possible chance with bullets and a larger Mario? There were no memory cards with saves back then, you literally had to make it all the way through the game from start to finish.


Of course games from the eighties are not the only collectables.  Technology moved on from cartridges you had to blow when they wouldn’t read, to CD’s and the introduction of memory cards. And, while the graphics may seem pixelated and blocky compared to today’s almost photo quality video games, many prefer to relive the classics that got their pulses racing in the eighties and nineties.


While the consoles themselves are of course collectable, it’s some of the games that are the real money makers here. Collectors are willing to pay big bucks for clean, original condition examples of some of the rarer games, complete with their original box and manuals. Some of these games are worth hundreds of pounds, with a rare few fetching upwards of £1000!


These are things which could be literally gathering dust in your garage or loft!


Collectable Consoles:


As with any collectables, condition is key. Consoles in original packaging with the original inserts and manuals are worth the most money. Some consoles came in limited edition bundles with limited edition packaging which may also be more desirable and rarer to collectors.


Some of the older consoles, such as Nintendo’s were made of grey plastics which can yellow over time. The better and more original condition a console is in, the more money it will be worth. Original accessories also help to complete these things, so original controllers / joypads rather than aftermarket versions are more desirable.


Some of the more collectable consoles include:


  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Sega Master System
  • Atari Jaguar
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • Sega Mega Drive
  • Nintendo Gameboy
  • Sega Game Gear
  • Neo Geo
  • Sega Mega CD
  • Sega 32X
  • Nintendo N64
  • Sega Saturn
  • Sega Dreamcast


Collectable Games:


While games like Super Mario and Sonic are well remembered, they were also produced in high numbers, which means they don’t command the highest prices. They will of course help collectors complete a collection, and good condition examples will be more desirable, but it’s the rarer games that go for a pretty penny.


Some of the older games came in cardboard packaging which can make it more difficult to find pristine examples, so anyone that looked after their retro games could be in for a surprise when they come to sell them on!


Metro listed some of the most valuable retro video games. They are s follows:


  • Snowboard Kids 2 N64 - £2000
  • Darxide Sega 32x - £1200
  • Primal Rage on Sega 32x - £1000
  • X Zone SNES - £850
  • T Mek SNES - £800
  • Viewpoint Neo Geo AES - £750
  • Stadium Games NES - £600
  • Cool World SNES – 3550
  • Fatal Fury Special Edition Sega Mega CD – £550
  • The Adventures of Batman & Robin Sega Mega CD - £550


You can check out some of the other games they listed by console here.


Consoles and games are not the only things associated with the industry that are worth money. Merchandise such as original posters, adverts, magazines, figures and so on are also sought after by the serious collectors. There’s a real market with many meeting in online communities on Facebook, Instagram, forums and so on to chat, sell and swap items while building friendships.


These online communities are the perfect place to build your knowledge if you’re looking to start collecting, with a friendly bunch of people all offering their advice for free.


If you’re lucky enough to have some of the above items packed away somewhere that you don’t use, now may be the perfect time to sell with desirability high. An auction at the beginning of December by Cardiff City Auctions drew big interest from collector’s who were interested in some of the consoles that went under the hammer. You can check out the hammer prices here.



Online auctions are the perfect place to pick up or sell retro gaming items. If you’re looking to bag yourself some items be sure to setup some alerts on our site here.