Antiques are Back in Style

Wednesday 18th April 2018 - Della Bentham


Antiques are Back in Style

People are beginning to ditch the flat-packs for furniture that can inject some style into their homes.


For the last two decades or so people have embraced minimalist interiors, furnished with simple flat-pack furniture designs that have been mass produced by the likes of Argos and Ikea, it looks though, like all this could be about to change.


The antiques market started to decline at the start of this Century, prices had been rising for years, then suddenly, everything changed. People began opting for minimalist designs for their homes, and intricately designed furniture just didn’t factor into this. Buyers were opting for simple designs that they could build at home affordably and throw out when they fancied a change in style.


We are living in a disposable society, think about it, everyone’s always looking for an upgrade, the saying ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ has never been more apt. Things aren’t designed to last anymore, they’re designed to look good and be affordable, manufacturers have to skimp somehow to meet buyer’s expectations.


It seems though, that buyers are now beginning to recognise that looking minimal and almost identical to everyone else is not the only way. People are realising that they can really inject their own style, with lasting pieces of furniture for prices similar to this disposable furniture readily available in stores.


Along with that, people are becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint. Buying antique furniture helps reduce waste, creating a fashionable, eco-friendly, recycled image for antique & retro furniture.


There has been a noticeable increase in younger buyers looking for antique pieces to create their ideal interior. It’s not about filling a home with antique pieces anymore. One or two statement pieces really brings an interior space to life, allows people to create something to their own taste and style, setting it apart from the masses.


Auctions are the perfect place for buyers to start, pieces of quality lasting furniture can be picked up quickly and easily. The trick is to think about what you are looking for and know what space you have to play with. Once you have an idea you can start looking for pieces of furniture to fill your spaces. Choosing pieces you love means they will never get ‘old’.


Space was one of the big reasons people shied away from older, bulkier furniture, but there are many multi-tasking pieces of furniture available. People are beginning to see this, using things like antique ottomans as a coffee table, with space inside to hide clutter, or a retro sideboard as a TV unit, with plenty of cupboard space to keep your room neat and tidy.


It’s not just interior spaces that can benefit from an injection of antiques. Garden items are also very popular at the moment, helping to create beautiful outdoor spaces.


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