How To Create A Vintage Themed Kitchen

Friday 3rd September 2021 - Belle Gait


How To Create A Vintage Themed Kitchen

We take a look at the different elements of a vintage kitchen and how to easily style your very own.

A kitchen is a necessity in every home, and many people opt for the flashiest, shiniest, most modern options they can. However, there are those of us who prefer a retro, nostalgic place to make dinner.


Would you like to design a playful, eclectic vintage kitchen but feel that you’re not sure where to start? Do you have to sacrifice convenience for style? Have a read of some practical advice to transform your kitchen from the ordinary to the extraordinary below.



What Are The Key Elements Of Vintage Style?


Creating a sense of nostalgia, a nod to simple, happy times, is the key to creating a vintage kitchen style. Try using bold colours, quirky battered biscuit tins, mismatched china or copper pots and pans. Display these items proudly around your kitchen using open front shelving and units. Try repurposing crates to create vintage shelves and hang objects on rustic hooks.



In The Woodworks


The most authentic vintage kitchens let the accessories do the talking, so keep your units quieter. Simple timber units, either left bare or painted in pastel colours work best. A cabinet such as this vintage pine kitchen dresser going under the hammer with Clare Auction could be styled as the ideal place to display stunning crockery. Remember, not only can you paint items such as these, but you can also change the knobs or add/remove shelves as appropriate. This larder cupboard for sale by Lancashire Auction House is another attractive option already finished in an incredible vintage shade of duck egg.


Wooden farmhouse tables create a beautiful vintage centrepiece. Couple this with mismatched chairs painted in different colours to create a shabby-chic effect. Why not rub the edges of the chairs with sandpaper for a distressed, aged look?



Choose Your Appliances


If you are lucky enough to have an Aga, then you’re already well on your way with vintage appliances. However, if you have a more modern cooker, fear not; one of the most prominent appliances in your kitchen is probably your fridge. SMEG is almost synonymous with vintage styling; however, it’s equally synonymous with expense. There are several other options that won’t take quite so much off your bank balance. HiSense, electriQ and Amica are just some companies that also offer modern fridges with a vintage styling. In addition to this, consider a vintage stand mixer, kettle or toaster. There are even air fryers made in a retro designs.  MST Auctioneers have a vintage chefette, among other items going under the hammer in their sale on 9th September.



Fabric Accents


A great way to add warmth and texture to your vintage kitchen is with fabrics. Think tea towels, curtains, tea cosies, pot holders and tablecloths. Choose floral patterns, combine bright colours such as red, pink and aqua or go with the Fifties look, opting for pastel yellows, blues and greens. Blinds or curtains are also a great way to add vintage accents to your kitchen. If you happen to be (or know!) a dab hand with a sewing machine, the fabric options are almost limitless! Grab some retro oilcloth and choose mismatched chair cushions to finish the look.





Here is where the fun begins – be careful not to overstuff your kitchen (unless that is the look you love) but set your dreams alight with vintage accessories. Decant your dry goods into Vintage TG Green Cornish-ware jars such as these available in the Clare Auction catalogue. Place some vintage biscuit tins on the counters or shelves, such as these Pedigree Chum and Spaghetti Girl ones – Lot No 891 in the Cadmore Auctions sale on 6th September.


Martin & Pole have a Green Hornsea Coffee Set going under the hammer on 8th September, and Townend Clegg & Co have selections of various vintage kitchenalia and kitchen mincers.



A vintage kitchen can be the showstopping heart of your home. With just a few vintage touches, some retro fabrics and letting go of the need for perfection and uniformity, this look can be established relatively quickly. Remember to set your auction alerts for vintage kitchen items so you don’t miss out!