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Antonucci Antique Auctions
Yacht Haven, Unit 16
250 Embankment Road
Plymouth, Devon
United Kingdom

Michael Antonucci has been trading for 55 years, and has decided under current conditions it is time to go into selling on line only with easy live auction.

Terms And Conditions.

Commission is charged at 15% vat at the end of the timed auction on each winning bid.

All items with a value of less than £10 we cannot put a reserve on. Items over the value of £10 a reserve can be applied. With a cost of 50p per item.

All venders will be asked to supply their name address and phone number, if vat registered their number. Then sign at the bottom.

Goods that are entered after a curtain time will be entered in the next auction.

All unsold goods will be charged at £1 per item.

If goods that have been purchased online is the vender responsibility to insure the goods.

No transfer of purchasers will be allowed.

Persons viewing or collecting do so at their own risk.

Michael Antonucci declaim any liability in respect of any injury or accidents which may occur in/on the premises.

All electrical goods entered into the sale must be pat tested, or payed by the vendor for our electrician to carry that out, to
meet the health and safety requirements.

The salesroom will not except any liability for loss or damage to any vendors goods.

All goods must be removed from the sale room 2-3 days after the sale date, or a storage cost may incur a cost to the vender.
Postage available by request or courier

All good must be paid for prior to shipping

We shall not be responsible if any damage occurs once the Item/s have left the auction house

Please contact the auction house directly for a shipping quote.